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  • tassieguy
    Probably a good idea, Jerry. Imagine the gallery/show people unpacking them and finding a ding where someone put something heavy against the back. And no chance to fix it before the exhibition.  Doesn't bare thinking about. 
    If ever I send a painting to a show I'll certainly have this in mind. In the past, when I've submitted work to shows/competitions, I've always delivered it myself but there are shows on the mainland I'd like to enter someday and for those I'd have to ship the work.  And things do get damaged in transit so I'll be putting something in packing to protect the back as well as the front. 
    July 24
  • GTO
    I had to drop off a couple paintings this morning for an exhibit so I just added a 3” wide strip of thin foam core across the back perpendicular to the cross brace.  The paintings were 36” wide so I felt I needed to do something.
    July 24
  • tassieguy
    No, that's never occurred to me, Jerry. Although I suppose it's a possibility one should consider.
    July 24
  • GTO
    Rib, do you ever cover the back of your canvases to protect them from getting hit from the back?
    July 23
  • tassieguy
    Bob, I know how you feel. Sounds like we had a similar procedure. Did they leave a catheter in overnight with you? Isn't it awful when they pull it out! They left a stent in you? 

    Evolution screwed up badly - there's a serious design flaw in the male urogenital tract. The urethra should never have been routed through the prostate. It's a shame I can't sue evolution.   :)
    July 17
  • BOB73
    Rob I just got back from hospital for the doctors have an inside look at my bladder on the way up the tunnel in search of kidney stones
    now know first hand about the razor remark. Because my copd and the anesthesia issues they kept overnight missed out getting the prostate inspection and treatment 
    aren’t I lucky most of blood out of urine still tainted and I can anticipate so as to avoid back pressure on my kidney from my bladder through the stint stint to be removed by Dr. next Friday… oh joy thanks for listening so few want to share it’s like having a friend!!
    July 16
  • tassieguy
    Thanks, Jerry.

    Yes, I think it's important the have a clear idea of what you want in a website before trying to construct one. I'm a babe in the woods in this area so I will certainly be looking at the websites of those who are successful - not just as artists but also in marketing their work online. I have a lot of research to do. The link to the list of instructors will be most instructive. 

    My gallery runs a group show every year and I always put something in but I always find myself comparing my work to that of the others in the show and seeing my work in a negative light and being embarrassed. But then the paintings I have submitted to the group shows have sold and I have to do a reality check. If they were that bad why would people buy them?  It's crazy the mind games we put ourselves through. 

    Anyway, thanks heaps, Jerry, for your thoughts on this and for the info and links. 

    Stay safe and well.

    July 16
  • GTO
      As you consider what you want to include or how you might want to format your web site, something i did was to look at web sites of successful artists.  
      When I have time I check out the Grand Central Atalier instructors web sites.  It’s also inspiring to see their work and where they show and get representation.  
      I go to this link for the list of instructors and then I click on their image and then click on the little globe icon to view their web pages.


    Something else you might consider is doing a group show with another one or two artist.  That might take some pressure off and it will draw in a larger audience.  
    July 16
  • GTO
    @tassieguy I noticed that the gallery wrapped canvases that I am using have the corners stapled on the back.  I know you work with gallery wrapped canvases and am wondering if you remove those staples and use wood keys to key in the corners?  Or do you just leave the corners as is and leave it up to a conservator if the canvas ever needs to be keyed?
    July 11
  • buchmarshall
    Thank you for your critique! I see exactly what you mean as you point it out! This is what I need. My son is my best critique as I have to tell him to leave as I work on my masterpieces. We go back and forth and then I give in to the fact he is right most of the time… I do appreciate the time you took to give a detailed opinion. I struggle with subtleness in my paintings. There is so much that goes into painting!  
    June 22
  • djpollo
    thank you friend
    June 20