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runstrong7 -

I'm a retired law professor and, like my father did after his retirement, have seriously committed to learning to draw and paint.  After several months work in watercolors I found DrawMixPaint and have fully committed to learning and applying Mark Carder's method with oils.  I recently finished building a Carder-style studio in my basement with lighting to Mark's specifications, have succeeded in building the shadow box, palette stand, and palettes as he prescribes, and have studied and taken notes on most of his instructional videos.  I've set up a live still life and just finished drawing an outline on an appropriately undercoated linen panel.  I'm now ready to open those tubes of Geneva paints, mix them for the items in my still life, and begin applying paint to canvas using the color checker in hopes of using the correct values and colors while resisting the temptation to blend and overpaint. If it sounds like I've over-prepared before opening up the oil paints, that's undoubtedly true, but at least I have in mind most of the sound principles of the Carder method and am, in truth, very eager to begin applying them.  I look forward to participating in the forum community.    


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