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Yves Shop around. iHerb supplies Now Foods clove oil in Canada for $(Image)


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  • dencal

    Shop around. iHerb supplies Now Foods clove oil in Canada for $
    October 17
  • Yves
  • dencal
  • dencal

    Bring the mixture up to the recipe specification. This is important.

    If after this correction the paint is drying too quickly then critically examine three things:

    Paint: Brand? Quality? Consistency? Medium?
    Clove Oil: Brand? Purity?
    VT: Brand? Purity? Quality?

    OMS and clove oil are relatively low priced ingredients, eg this Amount of clove oil is AU $4.


    September 2
    • Melisa
  • Melisa
    Hi Dencal,

    I wanted to get your advice on the SDM which I have just mixed. I used these measurements according to another member who posted it because I needed a measurement for 'parts'. To my horror it didn't perform the way I thought it should. I assume that it should render the paints slippery and fluid and remain wet for at least a week. These were drying within my painting session! I thought maybe that painting on a primed wood panel without a stain base coat color may effect this but it seems like I messed up somewhere. I am upset because it was a very expensive experiment.
    Here are the measurements which I was very careful about using a ml measuring cup.

    120 ml artist grade OMSpirits (according to the members recipe I should have used 174 ml but I ran out)
    87 ml artist grade Stand oil
    75 ml artist grade Venice Turp. according to the recipe I should have used 87 ml but I ran out)
    30 ml Clove oil (this was the most expensive)
    17ml artist grade refined linseed

    Also I haven't waited 24 hours for the mixture to settle. I used it immediately so I am wondering whether this, painting on primed wood, and missing the 10 ml of Venice Turp and around 50 ml of odorless thinner really makes a big difference.
    What can I do to save my SDM
    September 1