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Gotta See WIP of The Duchess - Pretty Good...

edited February 2013 in General Discussion

I like the process, and I find it to be a classic in a charming why. She's still working on the painting. Your thoughts.


  • A better likeness than the famous one. I like it
  • So far it looks great, but there is a drastically wrong area where her neck meets the clavicle ( I believe is the right anatomical term) I suspect the photo being used is not very clear in that area and it can be a complicated area, with structure and values used to describe it. The tendon coming from under the ear is on the right side of the subject (our left) and it extends to the left side (our right) of the clavicle. It should go to the the right side of the subject, not the left. If it did, she could not turn her head to the right as it is stretched beyond it;s limits as it is. Sorry to sound so critical of what appears to be a well done portrait so far, I hope the artist corrects this. My eye went right to this and not the eyes as I should. I find it rather disturbing, actually.
  • Now that is more like it!
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