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  • Too much Ice!  The painting although kind of impressionist is very good.
  • I'm surprised there aren't more comments about this painting. I like it. I like the impressionist feel and I like the colors. The reflection of the glass is very well done.

    The main problem I see is with the ellipses. On the bottom center, where the glass rests on the surface, the edge looks a little pointy. On the top forward edge, the right side looks perfect, but the left side looks pointed. And the back edge, a bit to the left of center, looks too high.

    I personally find ellipses difficult to do and slave over them. But, again, I really like the painting.
  • I like this painting too. It is well done. @ArtistMartin1, I don't think this glass has elipses as such. I have two whiskey glasses from different designs that are similar; one is four sided on the bottom (very thick bottom) with rounded corners the top is four sided with closer corners (less radius than the bottom). The second is triangular but looks six sided from the side and level, it has rounded corners top and bottom (also very thick glass). I give that glass to people that have had too much already. They have difficulty holding the odd shape and it is easier to convince them to give up their car keys.
  • You stole their cars?? :open_mouth:
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