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Jennifer Portrait

This is Jennifer portrait 22x 26 inches, I will be happy to hear your comment on this. I know that s going to help me a lot to improve my paitings. Thank you Danny


  • Dannyull, did you use the Carder method? How long have you been painting? I would like to know these 2 things before I try to make a constructive comment. I can tell you right now that it seems you got the body language right and you preserved the facial expression. I see a lot that I like in this painting.
  • Hey there Danny ... the one thing that my eye went to immediately and called out for help .. her hairline on her forehead... it does not look natural. I have never even attempted a portrait so you are way ahead of me! I just know what I see that looks wrong. Love the body language and the pallet. Hope this helps. :D
  • Hey Danny! I like it. If you would like comments, I would say more shadow areas on the face would give more interest. but wow, the hair, the jacket, everything is rendered so well. nice job!
  • mrkingmrking -
    edited February 2013
    You need a warm transitional value between her hair and her skin. Looks odd right now.

    See image below to see where I added the transitional value.

    test.jpg 638.5K
  • Thanks everybody for your comment, I know this painting is totally wrong but was my second attempted, little by little I will get better thanks again. The Carder Method is fantastic I started from zero...ZERO, so you figure that. Danny
  • Don't be discouraged! It's definitely not "totally wrong"; on the contrary, there is a MUCH that is very right in this painting.
  • Danny, it is not totally wrong. If this is only your second attempt, imagine or 5th or 10th... It's like learning to play the piano or drive a car, you just get better.
  • Not wrong at all Danny :)
    I hope to do as well for my first test with the Mark method and thanks to mrking for the tip between the transition hair/skin ;)
  • edited February 2013
    There are lots of very nice things about this painting. In fact, the realism of her left hand is truly outstanding. I think the transition you added between her hair and her face was a big improvement too. No way should you feel like this a bad effort. Do you think you got a good likeness? That's important.
  • Way to go Danny! What a nice effort....I think your doing great and with each effort you learn and grow...just like the rest of us. I agree with the comments above including how much is just plain wonderful about the portrait. My eye did notice the abrupt transition between the forehead and hairline. A bit more depth to the features in the face would help make a beautiful face even more beautiful. If you choose to do so, I think both 'fixes' are pretty easily done. Teeth are very hard to do and I think you nailed them. Congratulations....looking forward to your next painting! :)
  • Nice work Danny , I love the jacket .....very cool !
  • Hey Danny, I think you did a great job. Agree with the other comments. Your work on the hands is great and because of the shadows between the fingers you can visualize the roundness of the finger. That is what is needed any place there is roundness. Do a few exercises painting an egg or a ball and work at getting the feeling of the object being round by the use of the shadow, cast shadow, local reflection, etc. There are tons of utube videos on this subject. At the end you paint what you see but the underlying knowledge is a great help. Again, great job. :)>-
  • tjstjs -
    edited February 2013
    Actually I think you did a lot of really great things here! You caught her pose and her expression so wonderfully! I agree her hands are fantastic. And that jacket? I think that is first rate. You really did great on this especially the arm closes to the viewer. The folds are painted so wonderfully.

    The other thing that I think you did which is really cool is the cuff of her sleeve, her lips and at least on my computer screen it looks like a similar shade of that in the background. Just enough of a difference to seperate it :)

    Honestly the only thing I'd consider changing might be the white area on viewer right just behind her. I know it was in the photo but I don't think you need it. It might just make her flow better with the background? I don't know. But gosh this is not something to be upset over at all! I think you did really really great!!!! ^:)^ :-c ^:)^
  • I want to thanks everybody for the comment because if you all dont comment on it, how I'm going to find out about my mistake. think about it. I'm learning it will take time to do it good. I've been seeing all your painting and they are wonderful. Thank you all again.
  • AmritAmrit -
    edited February 2013
    Wow. That right hand looks photographic!

    Danny, the only thing I can say is that the reference photo seems to have used a frontal flash, or the light is on her front. Front facing light tends to flatten a photo, which would be why her face is much flatter than say her right hand. Those teeth are amazing by the way. I could be wrong but the eye white and teeth look very white.

    Going forward I would recommend get a photo with side lighting, so there is a shadown on one side of the nose. This will give so much depth and pop that face out of the canvas.

    Hope this helps and keep up the excellent work!
  • Danny

    This is a great portrait and I would offer nothing but praise.

    Since you ask, I will offer two comments.

    Skin tones seem a bit chalky with insufficient shadow modeling, particularly around the eyes. Mostly the fault of the frontal flash photography which artificially brightens and flattens the face.

    A few thin highlights running through the hair would pick up the contrast here.

    Fantastic work.


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