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Too Minimal?

I painted this awhile back.  It's 36"x24" and I've never been happy with it.

Recently, I've been thinking about adding something, but I wasn't sure what.  Then, I saw a picture of flamingos and thought, YES!  

My first thought was to put a few to the right of the boat, which would form a triangle, boat, to island, to birds, and I guess that would work.  

But a more unexpected twist, would be to add one to the right of the boat, but coming up from out of the bottom of the frame.  Like he was very close to the camera.  We wouldn't see the entire body, maybe just a bit of his upper body, neck and head.  

I really don't like the painting as it is now, so basically, I feel I have nothing to lose. Thoughts?  Btw...the bit of white in the sky isn't a cloud, it's dust. 


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