Marks videos ??

I would like honest reviews and opinions from those who have purchased marks videos.

is there a great deal more info than in the free videos?

did you see a remarkable improvement in your paintings after watching them?

any thoughts and input from those who have them is appreciated, I can't afford to take his workshop and thought that might be the next best thing but just wanna make sure it is really worth it and more to it than the free ones. 


  • PaulBPaulB mod
    @jswartzart I have purchased both the landscape and the portrait videos.  I would say in both cases the preview/trailer is very representative of the full content.  In other words, the previews didn't oversell or undersell the videos, and are an honest sample.  Just like everything else about DMP: it's open, straightforward, and patiently explained.

    You've watched Mark's videos, and these are just like those, with fewer time-lapse skips, and a lot of talking.  The portrait one has long quiet periods, but as Mark suggests, you'll learn more from watching than listening at those points.  There is more information, more tips, but mostly there is Mark himself reinforcing everything he's been telling us, by doing it all again in front of us.  There are no hidden secrets that he held back only for purchasers of these videos.

    I feel the videos were worth the purchase for me, and I was fascinated by both.  I would say the portrait video had a greater impact on me, the skills are so impressive.  I was able to watch a painting materialize from nothing to a beautiful result, although not completely in real time.  If Mark wasn't joking/exaggerating, the portrait video would have been 20 hours long if it didn't skip over thinking, brush cleaning and lunch.

    As for my painting, I have yet to begin my first DMP, so I can't speak to that.  I'm a little intimidated by the skills on display here.
  • Thanks guys I appreciate your straight forward answers to the question, and I also appreciate no hidden secrets comment... that actually makes me want to buy them more because mark is trust worthy and wants artists to succeed even if they can't get the videos. 

    But I enjoy watching others paint from beginning to end I feel I really do learn seeing it done.
  • You can't go wrong buying the videos. I'm going to get them too. Others have complained in the past about quality but they admitted they didn't even contact MC. he'll replace them at no cost. and there's tech help for the downloads as well. the other was a complaint about the silence in spots well it takes a long time to demonstrate something then it does to say what you are about to do. You just can't please everyone but I'm sure you and I will be pleased with them.
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