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"... temporarily out of order..."

One of my collectors (to be honest, the only one I have so far ;)  ...) told me that the difference between success and no success in art is the fact that you have to start to run yourself as a business and become your own manager as nobody else will do it... Since two months, I follow his advice by the line because I think he is right... I still have my other job as well, so you can imagine the rest...

This is no excuse, just an explanation why I am not so present in the forum right now... but I read everything you post and I enjoy all your paintings, admire all your progress and I will be back soon when things calmed down a little ...


  • I'm glad it's only temporary, @Esther. :)
  • Good luck and please let us know how are you going about it. 
  • Oh, I was almost imagining a perfect painting of an out of order lift... ;)
  • Best of luck @EstherH and hope you'll be back with your next masterpiece soon :)
  • Folks

    In many long years of business studies two things stand out.

    Small business, to be successful, is a relentless pattern of - finding - minding - grinding.

    If we characterise the grinding as painting then you are only able to spend 20% of your time at the easel.
    This means one day a week with a brush, four days a week with customers, promoting accounting, administering, banking, cleaning, communicating, pricing, buying, selling, ordering, etc. 

    The eight or ten hours painting will be broken up in eight fragments during the week.

    How can this be enjoyable?

    50% of small businesses fail in the first year. 95% fail in the first five years of debt accumulation.


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    All the best @EstherH, hope you will be back soon and let us know just how things work out. @dencal, you've expressed precisely my experience in this also, and "How can this be enjoyable?", and how do I do that in the very face of it?, very good question, thank you! All I really know is, do what I love to do (in full engagement) and everything else will come. 
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    @EstherH  Your history here is plenty enough to inspire newcomers in the future.  Look forward to your future participation when you can and 'out there' when it's your time.  Summer 
  • @EstherH you are such an inspiration for me,I also aspire to become full time artist one day...please keep us posted about your progress and experience as it will be very valuable for the forum.All the very best in your endeavor and may you achieve that pinnacle of success you deserve :)
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    EsterH you are one of my favorites here, do not even think of abandoning us! ;)

    And bring us back all kinds of fantastic advice!!

    Go Ester, GO! (shaking pom poms and cheerleading, not telling you to go away, LOL!!)
  • Don't forget to be good to yourself.
  • @EstherH anything you post here is a treat. <3
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    I agree with all of the sentiments expressed above.

    I love your work, @Esther. You are an inspiration and I hope you won't be away too long.
  • You don't have to find the "Blue Flower" looking for it is all you need to do.
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