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Just saying 'Hi'

I have been lurking here for a while and posted in one or 2 discussions...not sure how I missed this Introduction Section (duh)...anyhow...a little bit more about me. Living in the beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa. Initially started out with other crafts or creative hobbies...but my creative side never really felt fulfilled. Then I slowly started venturing into painting. Started painting about 10 years ago in my early 30's ... never had the opportunity to attend art school or art classes. In the beginning I took out every art book from the Library and just tried to build up as much info as possible...10 years later, this hunger for information about art and painting is still strong and I doubt it will ever disappear...its here to stay...Yippeeee!!!

I have done some work in acrylics, oils, mixed media and fiddled a bit with watercolours, however my favorite medium remains oils.

I am ecstatic in discovering DMP and the info here just makes so much sense, "Thank you Mark" and other Carderites too for being willing to share and exchange information. As it is, I am a very keen learner. I have learned a lot already from the various ongoing discussions and I must say the work here done with SDM looks simply awesome.


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