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Hello from Oakville, Canada

Hello all,

This fall I rekindled an old interest in colour and painting.  Along the way, I stumbled across this site and was immediately impressed with Mark’s teaching skills and sincerity. 

At an early age, I had shown some initial talent, but for a number of reasons never keep with it. Fast-forward many, many years later and here I am, on the ‘back-nine’, wondering if it’s too late to develop any sort of real skill set.  For a novice like me, with so much talent on this site, it seems a daunting undertaking. 

While I in no way consider myself an artist, I do like to make things – I have a garage full of tools, woodworking stuff and welding equipment.  It’s great.  Perhaps I might also gain some proficiency with brushes and paint. 

I have assembled some supplies and have been reviewing colour theory and have been practicing colour mixing & matching with some success.  Over the next few months, I plan on tackling a few simple projects, guided by Mark’s teachings - should be interesting.  I’m sure I’ll give new meaning to Mark’s notion of ‘ugly panting’. 

Even so, I’m looking forward to this and the challenge.  I think this may be the start of something. 

Best to all.


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