Hello from Down Under

Hello. I'm Stephen Brown, and I want to say 'hello Mark' and fellow travellers. I'm in South Australia, and found DMP on Youtube 2 weeks or so ago. 
I paint acrylic. I have my reasons, but I am intrigued by oil. Subject matter is 90% what you see here, with a smattering of face/ figure portraits. So yes, automotive subjects form my client base right now, as they have for 3 or 4 years. My work is commission based- never have I exhibited in a gallery.
The yellow Model 'T' was drawn & painted plien aire yesterday in 3 1/2 hours. The painting below it is studio ( I use the word loosely) painted, drawn & painted over 6-7 hours. Both are 16 x 12 inches, white primed canvas. These works represent my two standard approaches, I guess I've done 150- 200 such works, approx 50/50 split on plien/ studio output.
You may notice the difference in outcome. I prefer plien air, but must work studio based (from client photos), and that is why I am here. To hopefully learn some things.

Thank you,




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