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Hello~ :D

edited January 2013 in Introduce Yourself
Hey~ I've been watching Mark's oil painting and ended up here..

Introduction, I'm from Singapore!! :) I'm a drop out from architecture school, I went on to study and graduated with a 3D Design, Jewellery Major Diploma.

I haven't gone for proper drawing lessons before. I was drawing more of still life object and learning from my own observation of the subject and reflecting on my drawings.

I've tried a little of watercolour and acrylic. Recently just started on oil pastel (figured I can actually draw animals) and I'm quite keen to play with oil paint. :D looks so damn fun. ^^

Comfort zone: Pencil, Colour penci, Markerl

Needs practice: Watercolour, Acrylic, Oil Pastel

Would love to explore: Oil Paint

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