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I did a search on this forum to see if this has been covered but there were no results. So, what is the 'activity' section on our profiles suppose to be for? Just wondering.


  • If you go to your own profile, you see Notifications at the bottom, but if you go to someone else's profile, you see their Activity. It's kind of like a Facebook wall. You can post on other people's and it will show up on both their Activity page and yours. When you're in the main discussion view, if you click the Activity link on the right, you get ALL activity from everybody.

    It's one of features this new software is trying out, along with the Best Of thing which is linked to up top. Right now this forum has a much smaller population than we expect it to in the future, so it's hard to tell what's working and what's not. I don't want to break anything trying to remove it… I've already simplified the forum a lot and it can be a little bit tricky due to the way this forum is hosted. I have limited means to modify it. I agree that the Activity thing is a bit confusing. We'll see how it goes later on and if necessary I will remove it, but only if I can do it without breaking anything. I wouldn't want someone to find somewhere in the interface to send a message to someone's Activity wall, for instance, and have that message eaten up by the system with no explanation to the user.
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    Speaking of features, the "Reactions" on your profile have another function which was not working initially (glitch in the system), but it's been fixed now. You'll notice on your profile there is a "points" stat. This is affected by Reactions to your posts (points weren't being tallied until yesterday, however), and points determine your rank, which is something that will come up pretty soon.

    The reactions have some other hidden effects as well to help us promote posts and moderate users.

    If someone is trolling, use the Troll reaction (click Flag first to get the option).

    If you find spam (like a spam bot or fake post), use the Spam reaction (click Flag first to get the option).

    If someone is being abusive, react with the Abuse reaction (click Flag first to get the option).

    If someone is blatantly derailing a conversation, use the Off-Topic reaction.

    If someone posts something informative, use the Insightful reaction.

    If you agree with something someone said, use Agree.

    If you disagree, use Disagree (this has NO negative effect, don't worry — it's an opinion!).

    If you like a post (like a painting someone uploads), use Like.

    If you're just blown away and a Like doesn't cut it, use Awesome.

    If something cracks you up, use LOL.

    Abusing these reactions does not help the board at large, so use them when appropriate. It takes a lot more than one person to have a real effect on a post or a user, however, so don't worry about the reactions you get too much — it all evens out. Users who have a positive ongoing impact on the forum will be awarded with stars next their name so that they can be easily identified to other users. For instance, if someone new shows up a year from now with a question about something art-related, they might pay more heed to someone with three gold stars (who has clearly been around for a long time and contributed a lot of good content and has a good reputation) over someone with no stars, who for all they know could be a troll who has no idea what they're talking about and is always dragging conversations into the ground. This is a better system than the old "whoever has the post mosts has a higher rank" that most forums use. In fact, we don't even display post count.
  • Very nice feature (ie., Reactions) David! Will be interesting to see how it works out.
  • Thanks David for your time setting up this forum and answering my question. I really appreciate it.
  • tjs said:

    Thanks David for your time setting up this forum and answering my question. I really appreciate it.

    No, thank YOU! By having a forum with members like y'all that help each other out, we're able to offer WAY more content and help to people who stumble into our small corner of the web.

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