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What to do with leftover paint?

SummerSummer -
edited May 2016 in Painting
Saving leftover paint.  This is a Gamblin Torrit Grey idea that I am beginning to develop after reading this webpage:  I simply don't want to waste any Geneva paint and I'm looking forward to having enough "grey/gray" paint saved to paint something before the year is out.  I believe that @Some has done this already with his recent image on the thread "Loose practice."  Here is that image:

Are any of you saving your Geneva paint?  Should we have a grey paint challenge before year's end???  Thanks everyone.  :)  Summer


  • I scrape off my palette with a palette knife and do a bit of abstract knife work on small 5x7 canvas boards. One for each finished painting. A fun way to clean up. I had the idea that maybe I will assemble them into one large mosaic  when I have enough of them. I do like the torrit grey idea. 
  • Thanks for your reply @davidwwilson and @Boudicca.  Yes, I know, David, that you are not using Geneva paints--yet!  Have you ever made any paintings using your leftover paints?  And Boudicca, you are way ahead of me saving and using the greys.  I'd like to see the mosaic when you have it finished.  I have received free tubes of Torrit Grey from Gamblin this past year and have not had occasion to use them.  I'm trying to create a reason.  I need to get my act together saving leftover Geneva paints as well.  I believe that empty 37mL tubes are sold somewhere.  I can store leftover Geneva paints in them.  I'll have to do a search.  Has anyone here had experience filling these empty tubes?  I'll see if the spirit will move me towards using the Geneva greys towards the end of the year.  I'm going to make a conscious effort anyway!  I like what @Some did here recently.  He is the inspiration for all of this.  We'll table it for now though.   :)   Summer   
  • Link to making paint and filling tubes

  • Thanks for this video @Boudicca.  Really looking forward to this!  :)
  • I bought myself a set of Geneva paints for my birthday in March and haven't done any more than play with color mixing a few times. I used canvas board for the pallet and when finished playing with colors, just moved the paint around - continued to play. :)  Ended up with a few interesting backgrounds for future paintings vs tossing in the trash.
  • @NanaBean Nice idea you have there about playing with a purpose.  I must try that.   :)
  • SummerSummer -
    edited May 2016
    @Flatty You've really captured a mood here.  The water on the left could not be better.  I will try that technique sometime.  Writing it in my notebook right after this. Please post the finished version if you have time.  :)
  • SummerSummer -
    edited May 2016
    @Flatty As an afterthought, the form on the right could be a scaly fish of some sort with the addition of an eye or two--and maybe other facial features as well.  Just saying....  :p
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