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Hello from an old timer...

edited January 2013 in Introduce Yourself
Hello to all my new and old friends. I was very fortunate to find Mark very early in my journey to learn to paint. I just happened across his website while searching the internet for "how to paint" videos. I saw the teaser for his The Carder Method dvd and could not sleep that night thinking of how miraculous that looked! How did he make that paint look so much like that tea pot???? I ordered the DVD the very next day and had no clue how much work was involved in learning. I could have done like many did and just tossed the DVD aside and never tried. I am so thankful I am stubborn and I set out to make my dark little painting room, order my supplies, figure out how to set up a still life and begin the process of learning. I interacted with the forum that consisted of maybe 20 people, got a lot of help and advice on getting started and made friends for life out of that. I cut a lot of corners and my first painting turned out less than great but I learned so much from that mess and continued to work at it. I was thrilled to get to meet Mark for the first time at a gallery show for another student back in I think 2008? It was a wonderful evening and he was so much fun. Emily and David were there as well and it was for sure a night to remember. It was so great to get in during the early days of Mark teaching online and all of you are so fortunate to be here as this community starts up. Mark is a wonderful teacher and great to share his knowledge with the world. I can tell you that I see the entire world differently after learning to see thanks to Mark. Take your time and do it right and you will gain so much!


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