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40 Watt Bulbs Instead of 80 Watt

Hello I am new here. I'm wondering if it would be ok to use two 40 watt CFL bulbs instead of using one 80 watt bulb. Won't the two 40 watt bulbs put out the same amount of light? They will both be 5000k by the way. Thank you.


  • RonLo83

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Yes, should be OK. I use four 24watt units in a floodlight configuration in my outdoor studio.
    Just have to be a little more on guard for glare and light spill where it's not wanted (the shadow box).


  • Ok. Thank you for answering.
  • RonLo83

    Work on the basis of lumens (watts is just the energy consumed, not the light produced). For CFL there are 68 lumens per watt. So 2x40 or 1x80 will output about 5400 lumens. More critical in this design decision is the distances from the source to the subject as light conforms to the inverse square law.
    So a subject 10 ft from a light source only receives 1/100 of the light intensity, so placement is important.

    An inexpensive light meter will measure the light falling on your easel, palette, shadow box etc in lux units. Painting surfaces should be about 1500 lux.


  • Just think that in a few more years product designers will drop the equivalent wattage information on the packages because no one will have seen the old style incandescent bulbs.  We will only have to consider lumens and color temperature.  Hmm.  
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