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Flower Girl WIP completed

werbywerby -
edited December 2015 in Post Your Paintings

Finished tonight and thinking of naming it " A little Missy" after the girl in the picture and the fact it is a little messy. I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words throughout the process. This picture exhausted greens for me for a while which my palette ended up looking a like the picture. It is basically done with using a proportional divider to find the dark areas and paint flat. Sable brush is used in the leaves in a dabbing patterns from the dark green to the lights and heavier paint as you move to the light. Fat over Lean. The grass is the same process and as you draw closer to the bottom you utilize darker greens at the base and pull with a one or two tone lighter color into groupings. The sky is done with a detail sable only with no blending and the trick is to leave it messy and trust in the mistakes to come out fine. The only blending in the picture is Missy and that is covered with highlights and left alone. I will post it framed and mounted when dried and varnished in a few weeks.

approximate time: 16 hours

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