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The now agreed Trans Pacific Partnership - Copyright


Enforceable between fourteen countries around the Pacific. Covers a spectrum of trade issues, but the copyright provisions are important for artists.

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Copyright laws

Under the TPP, Australia and other countries may impose criminal penalties for those found guilty of copyright infringement.

Mr Levey said the deal would likely see the criminalisation of copyright provisions that up until now have been civil penalties.

"So it might be taking a selfie inside a movie theatre and having some of the film visible in the background," he said.

There's a lot to be gained from the TPP if leaders can reach an agreement, Chris Berg writes.
"You're talking about taking that into an offence which wouldn't previously existed. Once you bring in a harsher copyright regime, it's very hard to reform."

Mr Levey said there was a possibility the TPP could also harm Australian innovation in a digital world.

"Our big concern is that by signing up to the provisions in the TPP, we're potentially going to lock Australia into the last century, when we actually need a copyright system that's reformed for the future."

Supporters argue that copyright protections in the TPP promote the creation of new works.

"Companies won't do this work unless the original is protected by copyright," Annissa Brennan, from the the Motion Picture Association of America, was quoted as saying by news service Intellectual Property Watch.</blockquote

The text of the TPP is secret until ratified by Parliament.


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