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Wooden Boat Painting 20x30 inches oil on canvas

Here is a commissioned piece I recently completed. I had to create this from scratch and am pleased with the result. The first photo shows the first attempt at the reflection in the water of how the boat looked originally, versus current finishes. I didn't like how it turned out, so I wiped it off.

The second photo shows a better reflection with the water still blue. After consultation with the client, it was changed to more green as he wanted it that way.

The third photo shows the finished painting, and thankfully, the client was pleased. He wanted various add-ons including the flag, Penn Yan added, etc., mooring rope, all things that I simply had to make up.

The last photo is of my work space and how I created this painting. Definitely more difficult to create something from scratch that to simply copy what is there.

A good learning experience and I am pleased with the finished result.

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