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Stand oil won't dry

I know this is not part of the DMP method, but I am doing a multiple glaze still life & glazed the first layer of a glass in W&N ultramarine blue out of the tube w/ stand oil. It has not dryed in a week & a half, & I'm waiting to put the 2nd glaze (Aliz red) on it. I used Liquin as the glazing medium on the rest of the painting but used the stand oil (for the first time for me) because it seemed to really hide the brush strokes. Any suggestions of what to do to make it dry?


  • A warm dry space is best for drying oil. Cold and moisture retard oxidation which is how the oil "dries".

    Though you could use anything for glazing, most people use very thin medium. Stand oil is pretty thick, but if you like it, use it -- just be prepared to wait a bit for it to dry.
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