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Who likes to read artists' biographies?

Who likes to read artists' biographies? I'm reading A Life Sacred and Profane Caravaggio.


  • ME!!!

    I haven't read that one Sue. I will add it to my list.

    I've meantioned this before but my favorite biography is by Jack Flam "Matisse and Picasso"

    It does not read like some boring text book at all. I really love this book. And of course "Lust for life" by Irving Stone and "Depths of Glory" also by Stone about Pissaro.

    I just moved my art bookcase to another room. I have so many books mostly text books on art and they are so heavy. I am exhausted today.

    Now I will have to add your book to my shelf as well Sue!!!! And if I ever move? Now you'll have to come over and help me move all these books :D
  • Very much. I recently finished "I, James McNeill Whistler," a fictional autobiography, and "Lust for Life," about Van Gogh, which I read along with his letters to his brother Theo. I have "M," also about Caravaggio, but haven't gotten into it. BTW, a friend of mine is an archivist from Rome, and he actually found the document sentencing Caravaggio to death for murder!

  • Martin, that is awesome about the document! Martin and tjs these are good recommendations that I will read. btw I had to stop buying books for lack of space. I've gone to ebooks but when there are pictures of artists' work involved, I definitely check out at the library. I agree, they are heavy!
  • I am trying to remember who made a series of documentaries On many of the old masters and the Renaissance artist. It was narrated and hosted by a Bristish gentleman and who ever did these was about as accurate, from what I remember as anything I've read. Each was about 2 hours long. I just saw the Rembrandt one about a month ago, probably on the Discovery Channel. I saw the Caravaggio, Monet, DaVinci, Michelangelo and Vermeer episodes. They were all very well done. I enjoyed them very much and would like t have the DVD's of all of them. I am a book freak, though and I love to read and you may have noticed, write. :) Holding a book or being able to go to my book shelves and look something up is archaic, I know, but I still love it. I want to get a eReader, but for my "brain candy" reading. For art, I maybe wrong, but I don't think a book in your hands can be beat. :) Old Fashioned? Yeah, highly likely. :D
  • I have an e-reader and it is great for general reading but for an art book I think I would want the copy in my hands. I never tried an art book on the reader though. I would love to find DVD or links to those documentaries. Maybe it was a BBC series.
  • The video series might by "Great Artists" with Tim Marlow.
    There is also "The Power of Art" with Simon Schama and "Civilisation" by Lord Kenneth Clark.
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