Today I mixed the slow dry medium

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I used;
Gamsol odorless mineral spirits 32oz.
Pure larch resin (venice turpentine) 16oz from $20 delivered.
Clove oil; I bought 16 oz, was about $55 delivered.
Stand oil 16.9 oz
Refined linseed oil 8.4 oz

I made a spreadsheet to figure out how many parts per ounce, so I could figure out how much to buy of each ingredient, and not have too much leftovers.
I figured on 1/4 of the amount of SDM for titanium white compared to the other colors.
This makes 14.72 oz for titanium white, and 58.88 oz for the other colors.
I bought some 16 oz boston round bottles to store it, from, for easy pouring

Here's how I mixed it;

1 quart OMS
1 pint venice turp
add 13 tbs clove oil
in a 64 oz (big) jar (for SDM for red, yellow, blue)

mix thoroughly

scoop out 10.88 oz (4 - 1/3 cup measures) into pint bottle (for titanium white mixture)

add 12.8 oz (1.6 cups) stand oil to big jar

add 2.56 oz (1/3 cup) refined linseed oil to big jar. Done with big jar. Funnel into 4 - 16 oz boston round bottles. SDM for red, yellow, blue is complete.

add .64 oz (1.28 tbs) stand oil to pint jar

add 3.2 oz (6.4 tbs) refined linseed oil to pint jar. Done with pint jar. Label for titanium white.

I wanted to be very careful mixing, because it cost about $1.75 per oz at the prices i paid.
But I expect this quantity to last a very long time.

I bought the large 16 oz of clove oil because I need plenty leftover for burnt umber. 1 - tablespoon [= 3 tsp] per 37 ml tube of paint.

I'll be happy to post my spreadsheet if anyone is interested.



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