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Two questions

Hello everybody, its been a long road to getting set up to follow Mark's methods, but I've finally got everything set up and I'm good to go. I have two questions that I've been going back and forth on - maybe I'm just over thinking. First, I have my still life setup below with rather dramatic lighting, but its difficult getting my lighting balanced without having to light up the setup more than I want to. IOW, with the setup this dark there are no pure whites, and its very hard to match the white on my color checker with the white on the small piece of cardboard. I'm concerned that if I increase the lighting in the setup so that the two whites match, the painting will end up being too bright. Am I missing something? Second, how would you go about painting the tarnished pitcher? I'm less concerned about the second issue after watching Mark's video on the cup, but should the brighter parts be painted wet over the "local" colors?

Thanks, Mark. I'm really looking forward to participating here.


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