20x24 oil painting

I did a quick sketch a few months ago for an oil painting. The canvas has been sanded and painted over several times so you may see some ridges from a previous painting due to poor sanding! I kept some of the painting and kept adding to it from imagination, so not much realism, color checking etc. I did try to use only Geneva paints and the DMP palette with very few exceptions. I will soon do a more realistic landscape painting following the DMP approach to realism. Comments always welcome and appreciated. 


  • It's a strangely fascinating image, @whunt. The spiral sort of draws me into the orb in the lower section but then I'm pulled back up to where the trees lead. But then I feel a bit lost. But you have a good imagination. One thing I would like to see is the clouds(?) painted more realistically and some lighter blue in the sky so we get a feeling of distance up there where the trees lead. 

    It's good to experiment like this.  :)
  • I think the sphere needs more indication I’d it being the planet earth.
    This is a good way to develop concepts.  I am sure the people in Pakistan and India would relate to this given the flooding that’s going on there.
  • Thank you @tassieguy and @GTO for your comments. I know I need to discipline myself to painting more realistically. Mixing colors to better represent what clouds, trees, etc., actually look like. I get a little carried away and have no solid plan when I paint which I enjoy doing but realize that this approach will not improve my skill to paint realism. I joined DMP to work on learning how to paint realism and that is a goal of mine. :)
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