Coffee Grinder

Hi all

Something new - and probably my last painting for a while. I am taking a little pause, having met most of my painting goals for the year. Back at it, latest 2023!

Please share your thoughts, I plugged away on this one for a while.



  • Damn, really good. Almost more real than real. 
  • Wow, what a way to cap it all off before your break. Beautifully handled shadows, @Mio.
  • CBGCBG -
    edited August 26

    Initially I was conflicted about the composition here... at first glance it's either brilliant or clumsy... genius or misguided... but given my knowledge of your work, and upon some consideration... I have to conclude it is a form of genius.

    Standard devices of composition will often visually lead your eye to go from place to place, along paths, following a structure underlying the piece, with attention demanded by brightness, saturation, edges, contrast and detail, while encouraging one's eyes to stay away with disinterest from darker, unsaturated, less detailed or low contrast areas. 

    Here, my eye is initially being asked to look at bright high contrast textures on old surfaces... cracked wood and peeling paint, messy with decay. With jarring contrasts which repulse me visually and also conceptually my eye wanders to the dark sombre forms, spoons, the closed window/cupboard frame, and the coffee maker.. nestled in shadow, as if lurking or hiding in the corner.  There is a warmth and a calm comfort in the dark textureless.. smooth wood and metal. My eye and mind are drawn in solace and escape, beckoned into that corner.. hopefully to be rewarded with coffee and peace.. rather than subjected to any grinding... and yet the contrast and texture pulls my eye again and repulses me once more only to escape again into shadow.

    Excellent execution, very interesting... if not somewhat perplexing.  That said, sometimes the viewer is best rewarded not by any answer, but by a rewarding experience of a good question.
  • Thanks everyone!

    @CBG thank you. I thought it was fun to hide the main object in plain sight, in the shadows, and let the viewer take in the empty space first. Same with my ither painting "Tiny Room".

    I am donating this one to the museum, it should be there for many years!
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