My brainchild created with acrylic

Dear friends, I want to share my work with you. This is an absolute fantasy, probably having its roots deep inside me. I will be glad to discuss it with you and answer your questions . If you do not have the words, I will also be grateful to you. Thank you.


  • I think it’s an interesting commentary on the current human condition.  These are the folks in charge of The Planet of The Humans.

  • These are very strong, @Kit. I like the boldness and texture. But there's also subtlety in your use of transparent glazes and opaque scumbles.  These would do well in a gallery specialising in  contemporary figurative work.
  • KitKit -
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    @GTO  yeah, sort of)
    @tassieguy thank you 🙏🏼 and you know, I’m just looking for a connoisseur for this canvas

  • I'm not very knowledgeable about abstract art, so I'm curious to know what the concept behind this particular work was? Was it based on some inner vision, a dream perhaps, or some actual occurrence? 
  • @Leo2015
    In this work , the technique of image extraction was used . Their occurrence is influenced by several factors: the general emotional state, the current life context, the presence or absence of certain plans for design, color, idea. But in a less clear setting - this totality is one factor. During painting this picture, various plots appeared and disappeared, until a hint of the current, final version appeared. In general, such a process can be attributed to working with your subconscious mind, highlighting some important moments, obstacles, exciting events or features of relationships. If you form an initial request, then a psychotherapist can work with the final result. So, he will no need to ask you direct questions, avoiding distortions created by your mind during the answer. 
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