Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, 18 x 24 oil on canvas - Update

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Just the basic beginning here, much more development of this drawing to come next. The aid of proportional dividers an asset, and using #1 round brush here. I'm a little tight to the top here, no worries this is just practise and not too tight with plenty of space for the hair without cutting it short and not so close to the canvas edge.
 As this continues to develop into a painting all of these lines will eventually disappear no worries.


  • Interesting to see how people use different methods to create a painting.

    I look forward to seeing how this develops.
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    In reviewing what I've already drawn up, I since came to better understand and determine that my subject has "a wide head". This is the direction that I'm taking in this drawing stage and I'm working on it today, continuing in neutral yellow. Will post later. 🤣

  • Having fun with this, enjoying it!
    More development of this drawing to come next. It's important to learn to stand at the easel for this, and to step back from it often 7-10 feet, to keep a good perspective on the development.
     I should have a paint brush with a 7-10 ft handle.🤣😂, one that extends in the handle similar to an old car antenna.🤣😂
    Just kidding, but then ya just never know.👍🤣😂

  • Here you can see by comparing the images where my further adjustments will be made. Comments & critiques, questions, welcome. Enjoy!🤣😂
  • "I should have a paint brush with a 7-10 ft handle"

    Drone painting. It's gonna be great!
  • It appeared to my eye that the nose and mouth are placed too low making the nose too long. Also the cheekbones on either side of the eyes are wildly overstated.
    I ran a few lines across in photoshop - you can clearly see the difference. The eyes (and chin) line up but the mouth and nose are placed too low. These measuring issues can be the difference between a likeness and kind of a likeness. 
  • Thank you @Jcdrob this is so kind of you! I also noticed that his hair line is not quite right, and his eye brows need further adjustment too.🤣
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    @Forgiveness, I so admire your determination to get this right. You have unbounded stamina and the patience of a saint. Keep at it. It will eventually make a superb painting. The doctor's craggy face is a perfect  subject for a portrait.  :)
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    Thanks so much @tassieguy, this photo of him is the "undoctored" edited version, as I may see him live in person.
    Dr. Thompson is a world renowned for his creation and invention of bio tuning.
    Bio tuning is a healing method where soundwaves and pulses are used to change a person's brain to a healthier state for full recovery. It's much like meditation, quite equivalent to sound bowl meditation except using sound vibrations directly on the brain, the source of all of our entire workings inside each of us. Repeated application, meaning a daily routine of listening on headphones will change your brain. Today our brains are slowly loosing because of stress, this seriously affects our immune system to so many varying degrees. And as we all know too well, the world health care system as we know/knew it, is failing us terribly.
    Dr. Thompson is considered the founder, the Grand Father of this new technology "bio tuning" now used in hospitals, hospices, meditation retreats, health spa, health clinics etc., and in private, around the world. He has accumulated 50 years of research, trial and error for his accomplishments. He's just finally retired, he'll be celebrating his 75th birthday in Dec. 2022, and he continues to teach new students, now via on line.
     I just completed 2+ years of education and listening to his music productions and CDs weekly without wavering ever and I have collected everything and saved to my computer for my future reference. We also became very good friends through private correspondence and exchange of photos over this time.
     Perhaps what struck me and attracted me the most was this; I know and I understand much about creativity and intuition and human spirit, no worries. But, he introduced me to the fact that there is real math behind it that makes it all happen. He introduced me to physics & quantum physics, math & quantum math, science & quantum science, and finally the quantum field. I've learned medical anatomy, and everything about the brain and the central nervous system, including our entire immune system and how everything is connected. This was also a chance in a lifetime for me to better take care of myself during our current times and for what is about to come in our future.
     The quality of education that I received is equivalent to entry level university, includes a manual, and is completely certifiable world wide.
     He gave all of it away to me for free, in complete trust, except that I'm not certified as this is suited for and aimed at the professional practitioner.
    I could acquire certification by attending his online course given by him for a fee which I presently do not have, but this can change for the better very quickly at this time.

    This portrait is about honoring him and his great works and his contribution to society. This may possibly become a museum piece at some point, if this works out.
     I don't mind having it hang around my studio & home to enjoy. 
     But whatever, if this portrait works out for me, he and our friends will see it including his entourage everywhere around the world. The portrait will most likely not reside with me, this is a great thing.🤣
     Also, he is a remarkable multi talented artist himself and scientist, physicist, who lived, studied and practiced in New York City, '60's, '70's & '80's, eventually becoming a doctor in medicine, beginning in chiropractic upon leaving NY. He finally settled in San Diego, California and recently moved to Florida.

    I hope that this portrait works out.
     And I just want to have fun and enjoy this the best I can and I hope that you do too!🤣😂
  • @Forgiveness
    Let me suggest you start painting this. Let the brush find drawing for this. Do a couple of price studies for color and drawing. Limber up.

    How big will this be?

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    The canvas size is 18"x 24 1/4", the height of the head is 10 inches.
     I'll explore a little about about flesh tone, because in the photo we have a green tinge from awful flourescent lighting. I'll sort this out in the piece studies for color and drawing.
     This photo represents the full composition for the figure in the final painting. The background will be outer space, the universe.
  • Thank you @Suez it is my own measurements that are off, made the head too high, this causes elongation distortion. I hold my reference photos at my eye level in order to avoid causing distortion.
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