Request you all to post a comment under my Blog.

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Hi guys,

I have written a blog on Blogspot. It is my earnest request to you all to kindly comment under this Blogspot blog. This is not for my painting's popularity and absolutely not to promote my blog writing skills. 
My in-laws are in urgent need of money to pay some large debt amount after my father-in-law's death. I'm aiming at selling this painting to pay off that debt. But keeping the price high as this is not a regular piece. Without the help of public knowledge and institutional intervention selling such a piece is extremely difficult. To promote this piece, I participated in the exhibition (which I should anyway), wrote this blog and now approaching journalists to write about it in the news media. So, requesting all to please post at least one line under this Blogspot blog. I want this painting to be found in the Google and leaving no stones unturned.

Many Thanks for Your Support Guys,


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