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POLL: how fast do you like your paint to dry?

Geneva Fine Art will sell 7 colors in tubes, my five favorite plus two power colors blue and red. We will also pre-mix our tube paint into slow dry medium and sell it in jars, ready to use.

All the colors will be of exactly the same perfect consistency, and all the colors will dry at exactly the same rate.

But I am debating how slow to make the paint dry.

Drying rate is for a normal brush stroke on primed canvas, so 5 day dry paint would dry in 5 days at 72degrees F (22 C). I can adjust the drying rate of each color precisely, so that all the colors dry at the same rate.

So my question to you is, "how fast do you want your paint to dry?"

I am also considering offering both five day dry paint in jars and ten dry paint. Which would you buy?


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