Juried Competitions

I’m excited to learn that I received a merit award for a still life that I submitted to a regional show.  It was the “ellipse” painting below.

This week I also received a purchase award at another five state regional juried show for the Smith and Wesson service revolver:

I’m excited for that sale because this was the last venue that it would have been eligible for.  All the competitions I know of requires the work to be completed within the last two years.  The revolver painting was done two years ago.  This was the third exhibit that it was shown in.  It received an award in the first exhibit but did not sell.  It made it into a second exhibit but did not get an award. This was the last exhibit and I am excited that it sold there.  
So you can see so much depends on the jurer and the venue.  
For those who are submitting to competitions it pays to persevere and look for a number of different competitions.


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