Do any others use WN WMO’s?

My little studio is in my home so to help our lungs I have been painting with WN WMO’s and I do enjoy using them along with some Cobra colors. On recently retireing I have found  DMP & Mark’s video’s and would like to work through his classes. On searching this forum I found that a few years back there was some discussions on these paints but I’m still in a quandary if the SDM recipe will work with them ( thinking that solvents could be replaced?? I do use Linseed oil now and clove oil to keep my closed pallet paint “open”  ). Has anyone tried that? 


  •  joydeschenes

    Yes. WN WMOs work well with SDM.

    Solvent in the SDM can be substituted with a citrus based product.

    Using linseed and clove (without solvent) can run into problems with the fat over lean rule if the painting is done in layers. Using Mark’s single layer method should be ok. 


  • thank you so much Denis… I will look into these. 👍🏻
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    If you want longer open time on your stock colour (2 years) and value strings (6 weeks) then mix your paint with SDM into snap caps.

    Here is some detail I posted in 2017

    An oil immersion bath can be seen here
    Make a safflower [I now use walnut and 2% clove] oil immersion container for long term brush use without cleaning.
    Soap, water and solvents will kill your brushes. I have not had to throw away any brush in eight years and they all look as good as the day I bought them.

    I am using W&N Artisan with Mark's slow dry medium, until Geneva paint is available here in Australia.
    My paint lasts for years as stock color, or months as mixed values using small airtight snap cap containers. Paint directly from the value cups or mix 'tween values on the pallette. Here is a photo.

    Here is a pic of the Snap Cap range I use. Packs of new and examples in use.

    SDM is a small sample of slow dry medium I keep on hand to thin, oil out, or pre-treat a dry surface.
    GG is Grafitti Go, a non toxic, Eco friendly paint dissolver -excellent for brush cleaning.
    OO is olive oil, but could be linseed or safflower for cleaning up smudges and drips. Wet Wipes handy.

    The 75ml and 35ml are the stock color mixed with SDM. These were mixed eight months ago and I can expect another eight or ten if they are not used in the interim. I'm using glass marbles in the dark colors to displace some air.

    The numbered 10ml snap caps hold a range of premixed skin tones for a current project.
    I can expect about a month or two as useable paint. The two unnumbered units are a black and white.
    2 to 10 is light to dark and 14 is a greying color for Temperature shift or shade transitions.

    I can paint directly from these or mix tween values of the palette.
    This set will go towards toning my next canvas when my painting is finished. The snap caps will be cleaned out and go round again.


  • Wow , again , thank you for taking the time to share! I ordered the items needed for SDM last night . I also ordered 4oz glass canning jars but I like your idea better, just wasn’t sure how mixes would do in plastic.
    So now I’ll re-read your info and continue to set things up. 

    I did this morning re-visit of  a plein air painting I had already started and boy I am seeing through the start of different eyes after all the videos and articles of Marks!  Fortunately I had photos and video of area I had painted at so this morning I tried some pre-color mixing and matching … just to get my feet wet, what fun! 
    Thanks again and have a great week🎨
  • I have been doing some plein air painting this summer, using the WN WMO oils.  They take for ever to dry as it is with nothing added.  A dab on the palette is still usable after 2 weeks.  It does skin a bit, but it still loosens up.  One week it is pretty normal.  So it depends how long you want an open palette.
  • TamDeal

    Temperature and humidity greatly influence the drying time .


  • Yes, I hate to think how long it would take if it was cold and wet. :)
  • @TamDeal I guess I’ve been pretty lucky with them.. after about a day or 2 (especially for a underpainting) they are pretty set. It’s hot and dry summers where I live so my idea of plein air is setting up my painting ….not usually a full finish… but that’s just me. So all in all I enjoy my oils 😍.
  • @dencal… hope I’m not bugging to much, I do appreciate your help, I now have all my “solvents” and I’ve mixed 12 oz’s of SDM , yah. But I also see a second recipe for Burnt Umber (and I’ve got that covered ok) and For white ( here’s my question) So, I need to mix another SDM just for white? What do you usually do, just mix a smaller amount for just white? Also… I used a stainless steel tablespoon to measure my “parts” , what do you use ? Thanks again
  • The way I mix small amounts of things is I buy a bag of feeding syringes, usually the 5ml kind.  You can get them for about 25 cents each, but I have to wait, then I buy in bulk when I see a good deal.  What is unique about these syringes is that rather than there being a rubber bung on the plunger, there is an O-ring, like a piston ring.  This is much more powerful, and it doesn't just pop off when the going gets tough.  They seem generally chemically resistant.

    I think the real use is lab or scientific.  But you can buy onesees as Pediatric Dose syringes, in pharmacies.  The feeding use is just the cheaper.

    I drill a 1/8' hole in a cap, and you can reuse the syringe indefinitely, and pull out super accurate mixes.

    This idea originally came to me from the brilliant furniture maker Michael Fortune. for measuring small doses of boat building epoxy.

    I was in a pharmacy and they had them at the checkout for 25 cents.  So cheap that I bought 25. I went a little nuts and had them in things like mouth wash and dish soap, where I have the exact amount I needed calibrated.  The 25 syringes lasted about 10 years, but I ran out, about the time ebay was well established.  Now I have either 100 or 200.  They will see me through.

    I had to saw up a hanging tree the other day.  I used to mix chainsaw gas in a can, but there was always waste at the end of the season.  Now I have a 500 ml kitchen measuring cup, and I add 16 ml of oil to 400 ml of gas.  I have a syringe in the oil bottle.  It makes everything so neat.

    You want plain ends, not luer lock.

  • Thanks @TamDeal , I’ll look for those. I’ve felt like the mad scientist today with putting these colors together ! 
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    I think you might make some use out of this inexpensive (c$10) piece of kit I found in the kitchen ware store.
    The basting syringe is useful for the delivery of a measured quantity of fluid or paint in a specific place or small tube / container. 30 mls is a useful measured quantity for mixing SDM. 

    White is kept in a 75ml snap cap but gets used up more quickly and needs to be refilled.
    Some brands of titanium white (TW) reacts strangely to SDM by solidifying to a rubbery mass overnight.
    If this happens mix small batches as needed for the session. Not a problem with Geneva TW.

    For measurement of larger fluid quantities I use a graduated beaker, but a kitchen measuring container is fine.

  • Thanks @dencal I will look for that :) . I now have 4 of the colors mixed with SDM and in their snap caps, so now I just have the white to finish. I really like the creaminess of the paint with the medium, can’t wait to try it ! Thanks again for helping me get started with my class on the right foot.
    Happy Painting….
  • You can get larger and cheaper O-ring syringes, and unlike that one with the bung, they will last a long time.  However, suppliers like cooking stores and pharmacies are easier to deal with, well at least before everyone holed up.
  • If you have a friend who is an insulin dependant diabetic and uses an insulin pump; you will get a free supply of 3ml syringes and needles that have just had a bit of insulin in them and never touched a human.   
    They are used to draw the insulin from a glass vial and put it into a cannister in the pump.   They are then thrown out and 3 days later another one is used.  Therefore, an endless supply, which is otherwise just thrown away.
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    Thanks , I now have all my 5 mix’s mixed and stored in snap cap’s and ready to go. I’m really anxious to get started on my first class, still life. 👍🏻
  • Thanks , I now have all my 5 mix’s mixed and stored in snap cap’s and ready to go. I’m really anxious to get started on my first class still life. 👍🏻
    Is that a:
    first, class still life
    first class, still life?

    Whichever it is, enjoy.
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