• I like the lighting in both of these.  The flowers look a bit small and I wonder how that might turn out in a painting.
    In the second one I like the book glasses and especially the apple.  But I wonder what the candle and cactus have to do with the other objects.  
  • @roman
    I think there's a lost opportunity in not having a ground plane. Marble old wood, a shiny surface or even linen. Anything to hold the objects in place with cast shadows setting the scene and story with more texture. The lighting is a bite harsh. Having a lit candle overpowered by the lights seems a bit of point. Maybe defuse the light somehow.
  • I agree with Kingston about the surface everything is sitting on.  That would add interest with reflections etc.  I think the cactus is possibly out of place.  I don't envy you painting an open book.  I like the overall feel of your set up but think a few little changes would add a great deal of interest.
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    @GTO, @[email protected], @oilpainter1950Thank you very much for the fair criticism. Since I don't draw literally from photography, I wanted photography to have its own value. For rehabilitation, I offer a completely realistic still life.
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    I like the peonies.  Though during the last week I brought two bouquets of them in from the yard and I got a bunch of ants crawl out of the peonies during the last few days.  Ugh!
    My personal take on the setup. The apple and the white bouquet are distracting.
    Cover those up and see how the peonies hit you.  They are more impactful.  If you feel the need to add something to the table surface take one of the peonies out and lay it on the table.  Maybe with the knife or scissors you used to cut the peonies.  Just a suggestion.  
    Also,  I would crop some of the top of the image.  There is too much space above the peonies.  Just my take on it.
  • All objects are lite equally. HDR? For me this type of still needs single source lighting. Some shadows. I would like to see emphasis on something not everything. Again for me, flowers would be the focus.

    Latour at the met

  • I tweaked it a little to try to make things stand out just a little more:

  • Beautiful objects and flowers. I love that opalescent vase. The composition could work. @Richard_P's crop is an improvement. For me, though, there's just a bit too much happening around the main vase and flowers. The grain of the wooden background competes for my attention. I'd blur that and lower its chroma. I'd also consider toning down the chroma in the patterned table cloth, the apple and the mug holding the white flowers. For me, the richest areas should be the main vase and flowers.

    Of, course, that's all just my personal subjective opinion, and others may, quite legitimately, like all the brightness and busyness. It just comes down to personal taste. :)
  • The peonies are beautiful.  The cloth would be better if it were simpler.  It needs a light on it to create some shadows and add interest.  I would place some of the white flowers in the vase with the pink ones and then place some of both on the table.  If you feel you need more things in it, I would suggest that you cut the apple and place it on a saucer.  Over lap your objects so they don't kiss.  That's my 5 cents worth and that's all its worth.  In the end it needs to please you.
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