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I'm just beginning to oil paint and made the recipes for mediums that Marc recommended, then mixed them with Windsor Newton paint. The ingredients weren't cheap and the mixing process was sticky and tedious. 
My question is, can I use walnut oil as a medium? Is a special walnut oil required? Paint that is mixed with Marc's mediums would thin fine using walnut oil wouldn't they?


  • Yes you can use walnut oil as a medium.  I am using an artists grade walnut oil.  I don’t know if it’s any different than just plain walnut oil though.
  • I use walnut oil as a medium,
    Initially a plain artist one, but now I use M Graham walnut Alkyd medium, as it drys faster.

    I love using it.

  • The DMP medium is balanced. Oil, resin and consistency. Walnut oil is just oil. Alkyd and walnut is just Alkyd. M. Graham paints are walnut oil based paints with similar longer 'open' properties.
    I paint with relatively inexpensive Lukas 1864 paints that dry rather quickly. DMP medium with clove oil opens drying time when desired. 

    I prefer DMP medium. When I mix it I mix a pint without clove and a pint with. That give me the option of my paint drying normally, adding a bit of time or keeping it open for a few days. I like options. I recently priced real Venice Turpentine and freaked out.
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    Sure you can use walnut oil. I use nothing else - no solvent, clove oil, Venice turpentine or anything else. 

    Walnut is completely non-toxic and gives a little longer open time than linseed and it imparts extra luster to the paint. I add just enough to get the consistency I want.  I buy pure walnut oil from a health food store which is cheaper than buying it in an art store.  :)
  • Thank you all for your help. I'm determined to do this, but I'm starting out knowing so little.

  • Be sure to use an artist's grade walnut oil.  The walnut oil from the grocery story has antioxidants in it to prevent oxidation and therefore keep it from drying.

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