WIP Copy

I’ve gone off the method after only a couple of paintings.
It’s fun and challenging, I’m still learning how to handle brushes and paint, and make crisp straight lines, and not have a wobbly ridge of paint. 
Haven’t even gotten to the most challenging portions of this piece, so that should be interesting.
I got the reference photo printed, but not laminated, so I’m just using a palette knife in front of the photo as a color checker. 
I haven’t figured out where to get it laminated, I think it may be too big. 



  • Dali’s lower sky colors have hints of color that are simultaneously red, yellow, and greenish, really interesting trying to mix.
    I definitely got the blue wrong, needs to be slightly warmer. 
    I mean I got a lot wrong, but just trying to put insome work and learn.
    I printed the photo in black/white and did an oil transfer by painting the back of my printout with straight burnt umber, and then tracing it onto the canvas with a ball point pen. It left some thick ridges of paint, but did give me a good outline of where everything goes. I probably put more detail than necessary. 
    I think maybe ink might be better next time.
  • Lookin good so far,@johnw. Keep going.  If you want to colour check against the photo but don't have a laminator you can just use scraps of clear plastic over the area you're trying to match. When the scrap of plastic gets covered with paint just toss it and get a new piece. Works for me better than holding up a pallet knife.  :)
  • @johnw this is shaping up real nice, looking forward to seeing the finished article :)
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