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How much?

Hello everyone,

I have a list of the different oils to buy and I find it hard to judge how much of each to buy to start with. Can anyone give me an indication of how much of each I will need to start with the 6-7 colors Marc recommended?
Thank you.


  • I'm kind of confused by your question, maybe it's just me :) A different list of oils? You mean a different brand of oil paints? Or different list of colors?

    Take care, tj
  • Seascapes

    A 37ml (1.25 US fl oz) tube of each of the four colors and white should paint about six large or ten small canvases and last about 18 months in well sealed small jars.

    You will need to buy more white first.


  • I agree with Denis with one exception...I'd buy two tubes of white to start. Everyone's consumption of paint varies particularly when you first start. Why? Because (1) some of us use a lot of paint when learning to mix/match very specific colors, (2) mixing all the proper steps for each color group can take a lot of paint and (3) starting out by painting on larger surfaces than we probably should. Another mistake some of us make is mixing very small paint puddles (trying to save a bit on the cost of paint) and then running out of particular color and having to remix it. In the beginning I believe its better to error on the side of mixing too much paint than not enough even if it ends up being wasted...once you start to paint you don't want to stop your momentum by having to stop painting and mix more paint! :)
  • You need two burnt umbers. One tube for the jar paint and one for mixing with quick dry white to stain the canvas. Of course the second tube will last you a while.
  • Your right Ronna....I forgot about toning the canvas!
  • If you are serious about painting and are going to really paint, I am a believer in buying the 150 ml tubes whenever possible. More bang for your buck. A 150ml tube is just a tad over what is in four 37ml tubes, yet cost wise it is closer in price to about 2 and a half 37ml tubes for most colors. Every one of the colors Mark recommends is available in 150ml tubes. I would buy one of each with the exception of White and that I would buy two tubes at least. Maybe more expensive at first purchase, but will save you money in the long run and you won't be buying paint as often.

    For myself I buy 150ml tubes of Utrecht while by the case (12 tubes) I buy three each of the colors I need. When I am down to one unopened tube, I order more.
    Gamblin and maybe Daniel Smith have Permanent Alizarin Crimson in 150ml tubes, most of the other colors can be purchased in 150ml tubes from any paint brand.

    I make my living painting, so running out for even a day or two is not an option to me. I have a good inventory of the colors I use on hand at all times.
  • SusieQSusieQ -
    edited April 2013
    @AZ Painter Do I understand you use Utrecht paint in all the colors Mark recommends. Does the white dry or get chalky when mixed with the dmp medium ? i presume you like Utrecht or is it the price ?
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