Problem with Photo Upload

I've uploaded the same .jpg photo twice and each time the colors are totally different from those on my computer. In the past I've uploaded dozens of .jpg s with no problem. Any idea of how this can be fixed? Thanks.


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    I've been experiencing similar challenge, as many have been. The best editing I can get from my end is with GIMP2 photo editing and is quite fine for this, but varies when I upload, especially most recently and since google new changes in the background occurring, I expect a frustrating experience but willing to compromise. It takes a strong effort in photo editing, trial and error. But I promise my paintings look outstanding to me in my studio, with lights. I do have the option to remove any of my unwanted, undesirable images and replace with better as I go along, with little effort, any time I wish, quite similar to editing text, using the delete button, or "cut" tool and replace with a new image immediately, followed with "edit" tool to smooth things out, clean up the post at hand. If this makes sense to anyone, there is more about what you can do about what happens when someone right clicks on any of my images by restricting the sense of enlargement that appears or not, by choice. So basically I can let you see my paintings full size on screen as they are on my studio easel or less than this size (any size) of exposure. I recently had such a frustrating time uploading an image using my pc, I taught myself how to do it with my phone, no worries whatsoever.
  • @Forgiveness, thanks for this information. I'll have to look into it more.
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    It's probably because of whatever colour profile it's saved to. I convert all of mine from raw to jpg in photoshop and I always have to go edit - convert to profile and choose the srgb something one before saving. If i dont i have the same problem youre experiencing
  • @CJD, thanks. I'll give that a try.
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