Re LizOneal

Can anyone tell me how Liz is doing?  I have not seen her on Skype in over a year and her mobile number doesn't seem to be the same as the one I have from years ago.

I would really like to hear how she is or let her know I've been asking after her.


  • @judith, you could e mail Mark. They were friends and I seem to remember she had something to do with Geneva. I often think about David Quinn Carder andvthe other young Lad from NY who was a superb painter and went to work for Mark, also a few more. 
  • @marieb thanks MarieB I was hoping not to bother Mark but it may come to that...oh I miss some of that old crowd we had such an hilarious time!! but people here are also great aren't they!? and just as helpful and supportive...David WAS an amazing painter he said he didn't need to do it again tho hahahaha....
  • What did happen to David? His ID was deleted along with his posts. He was very helpful and knowledgeable with everything, and particularly photography.
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