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First painting with MCMethod

Please let's have some serious critique here. I need it. The white reflective spots are from the overhead lights. There is some glare from my lighting when I took the picture of the finished painting; I'm still looking for the ideal spot to photograph in our home. This is a very limited color range= black, browns, creams, reds, yellows. I set up the still life and photographed it, darkened the shadows on the computer, then painted from the photograph. I haven't made a shadow box because I have no place to put it. So feel free to critique the photo as well as the painting.
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  • Great!!! Really good!!!
  • Have you varnished the painting yet?
  • Very nice Grandma! Love the detail and all the various reflections. Really good job with the colors. Have you tried taking a picture pf of your painting outside? Put your painting in the sunlight in a vertical position (or slightly leaning forward) and your camera in a shadow. I do this by setting up my camera in the garage and putting the painting just out onto the driveway but in the sunlight. The details are in Mark's videos.....this really works well in getting really good color and no reflections. I do this frequently and then process the image using instructions by David. You'll be really happy with the results.

    Congratulations....looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful paintings. =D>
  • Thank you Mark. David, haven't varnished, just finished painting it yesterday. Gary, when you put your camera in the garage and you painting in the sunlight, is the sun behind the garage, over the garage or are you facing the sun?
  • You want your painting to be in the full sunlight....I've taken mine pics with the sun at all sorts of angles to the painting but the painting is always in the full sunlight = facing the light. :)
  • Very well done! I only have a few suggestions - first, the spool is slightly out of round on the right hand side. Second - and this is more of a suggestion than a critique - I would use your artistic license and leave out the inlaid woodwork on the table surface so that you can see the reflection of the ornaments better.

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    @Grandma Definitely varnish it before trying to photograph it again. I think all that glare on the painting will disappear once you do, and I think that's the main reason you're having trouble taking the photograph, because the painting is bouncing light around at many angles instead of just one. You may be able to take the photo in the exact same place you did before and with varnish it may come out well.
  • Since its still drying you could get rid of the flat spot with retouch varnish or by oiling out.
  • I like your arrangement. I agree with Martin about the inlaid design. Seeing the full reflections would be really nice I think. I also think the left two bulbs are much darker in the photo but light in the painting. This would make a great Christmas card. Have you thought about making a shadow box from black foam board? You can tape the edges together and put it on a kitchen table. When finished just take it apart or fold it flat.
  • @mnsrc Since the painting is finished, wouldn't it make more sense to just wait till it's dry, then varnish and photograph?
  • Yes, but it won't be ready for final varnish for 6 months if it was just finished. You can spray a light coat of retouch over drying paint if you want to photograph or display before then.

  • sorry, I have no critique but I like it.
  • Martin, you can use the new gamvar varnish from Gamblin. It is really good and can be applied once the painting is dry to the touch. It can also be easily removed. Gamvar used to be a two part varnish that had to be mixed but the newest version is a simple one part liquid. Several of us on the forum use it and I haven't heard of any one having a negative experience.
  • So the painting suggestions are darkening the left two ornaments, round the spool. take out the inlay on the table and heighten the reflection of the ornaments on the table top.
    If I use retouch varnish, do I have to remove it before I can put the final varnish on when it is totally dry?
  • I'm just worried that some of the suggestions might be based on the photo with glare, and that if it were varnished the ornaments on the left would be dark enough (but maybe not, I can't tell). The main thing I see is that the reflections on the table are in the wrong place. In the photo the reflections of the ornament highlights are directly below the ornament highlights, which makes sense. In the photograph they're all shifted to the right. Other than that I think it looks really good and imagine it will look fantastic once varnished.
  • okay, leave the ornaments alone and see what effect varnishing does. Correct the rest. What about the question on retouch varnish?
  • I think I would not change a thing, as you have avoided most if not all the misstakes anyone starting will make. The biggest mistake you have avoided is what Mark calls the temtation to over emphasize contrasts and punch up colors. You have kept it subtle and as a whole it works.
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  • :-bd Well Done!! I really like it!
    You do not have to remove the retouch varnish. ;;)
  • Thank you Shirley. I really wondered about that.
  • edited March 2013
    Gramma, to my eye, the white/red circle being out of round is the only thing that needs attention. As for when to varnish, I ordered some of the Gamvar Gary is talking about. The promotional materials for this varnish make the claim that it can be applied as soon as the painting is fully dry to the touch. Anyone else know anything about this product? If @Gary has used it with success, I 'm not worried about applying it.....

    -Scot White
  • :-bd Well Done!! I really like it!
    You do not have to remove the retouch varnish. ;;)

    Agree, Well done, and beautiful!

  • Gramma well done, great job!
  • I also use Gamvar. It's great.
  • Gramma, I just opened the pic of your painting...very detailed absolutely well done.
    Great job no words :x
  • Thank you all. I do feel encouraged.
  • :-bd Well Done!! I really like it!
    You do not have to remove the retouch varnish. ;;)

    Agree, Well done, and beautiful!

    Agree and agree again with my good friends Shirley and Cyn. I think it is great! LOVE IT!
    I have learned a very important lesson with painting in oil. Any where that you want to recede in the painting (like the background and shadow colors) Be sure to finish with strokes that go up and down and NOT horizontal. The brush strokes or any bumps in the canvas are what catch the light and cause more glare. It has been one of the best tips I ever got on combating glare.
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