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Quick sketch

Hi everyone happy Sunday! 
Here a quick sketch I done for the next painting. Charcoal and paper, around 20 mins. What do u think? Composition?


  • I am really thinking to paint an plain air, this forum inspired me. This is a quick sketch with charcoal I done today, I was really missing colour. 
  • Good subject for a painting. They've been building fountains in Italy for over two thousand years. Practice makes perfect!
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    You are right @BOB73 ! We have a lot of fountains but apparently they disappear when you need one :) it is a rough sketch, apparently u need good materials even do sketches...but I think it's a good base to start a painting over it. U are right practices practice and more practise!
  • Nice work Bob. Where in Italy do you live? I have a friend in Turin. 
  • So I wake up and thanks to one discussion with @Leo2015 I had really the will to draw because I was very insecure. This is the way I draw, I used my bro as a model for around 20 minutes and I never measured anything I just went from bold edges to more fine ones. I think I will buy a sketchbook and I will start to exercise more even if I will not paint what I draw. Anyway thank you Leo constructive criticism is always good, I will draw more for sure!

  • Good work! Very soon after waking up, I am working on art or preparing to, drawing and painting, occasionally making something and this is good.
  • Bob

    Really good facial structure. Ear seems a little adrift and roughly formed. Lips need more definition.

    Excellent work for 20 mins.


  • Thank you Denis @dencal :) you are right there is no definition, I did it only with charcoal soft stuck and without an eraser.. today I will buy a charcoal pencil, an eraser and paper with some texture, and try to be more accurate next time.
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    Well I hope I didn't cause you to feel insecure Bob. I often make drawings without taking measurements, but I think this works best when making small scale drawings because your eyes can see the whole thing at once. I don't recommend making large drawings without measuring though unless you don't care about accuracy. I mean if you are drawing sight size from a live model. I'm sure you know that many painters in the past made small but accurate drawings and then they transferred them to larger sheets of paper using the grid method because it's a good way of transferring the proportions of the smaller drawing onto the larger surface. Today artists prefer quicker methods like using a projector but I personally prefer the old approach. It's just my opinion. 
  • Thank you @leo2015 :) I will consider this, I just bought materials for drawing, a charcoal pensil, few charcoal and a bread eraser. We will see, I will try to make a self portrait and see, I found drawing more easy than painting so we Will see :) thank you, for the advices.
  • I did my first self portrait at the mirror, I really like more to paint than to draw ahha I added some white with acrilic because really erasing is very booooring. I am happy because seems me, I did it in one hour.
  • Since I just draw what I see I just noticed the convergent position of the is because the mirror was 40 cms (1 foot?) Distant.. it's crazy how if I get the habit of just drawing or painting what u see u are not really aware of how accurate u can be, this time could be considered a mistake for the composition point but it's an happy mistake to trust your sight painting and to not think too much.
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