Trouble posting images to forum

I cannot figure out how to post images of my work from my iPhone. 


  • Sorry I only ever do so via my desktop. But I presume it would be the same. Don't know if you are already aware but just above this box I am typing in there are icons, The one that looks like a picture of a mountain , clicking on the arrow to its right is the way to go ahead with downloading your pic.

    I hope that helps
  • Hi @Kodiakwood, here is a step-by-step guide for iOS 12:

    1.  Compose your message, and get the cursor (blue vertical bar shown) in the position where you want the picture.  Touch the icon that shows a landscape image, it's the one on the far right.  I have put a red rectangle around the area of interest in all these pictures.

    2. This brings up the "Insert an image" panel.  Touch the open folder icon shown:

    3. This gives you three options, and you want the "Photo Library" option.  Touch that.

    4. Up comes your photo library.  Scroll around until you find the picture you want, and touch it.

    5. See the checkbox appear on the photo(s) you want to upload.  Now touch "Done" in the top right corner, and the photo(s) will upload.

  • Thank you I’ll give it a try!
  • LucianLucian -
    edited July 2022
    Is there any way to post images by hotlinking them from another site, such as from my personal blog or from a photo sharing site? I have tried to do so, with the requited [img] BBCode, but the image won't show up.

    Later edit: never mind. I figured it out.
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