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Staining Canvas When It's Too Cold

Suggestions? I need to stain some oil-primed linen canvas using Geneva's Stain but it's 30 degrees outside, and in the garage. I don't want the fumes in the house, do other people address this?


  • Wm_Lake

    Use an acrylic stain.
    Heat the Garage.
    Tolerate the cold for the few minutes it takes.
    Build a fume extractor cupboard with an exhaust fan, cardboard box and a/c ducting.

  • I primed aluminum panels with Rustoleum in my garage during a snow storm last year.  Dried in about an hour.
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    If you have oil primed linen I don’t think you can use  acrylic.  I assume you are worried about the OMS in the stain so if you can get the area over 50 degrees F then it will dry in a couple days.  I just did one myself and let it set in the cold and off-gas over night.  This morning I moved it upstairs and there is no odor that I can pick up.
    Let me add that if you just use straight burnt umber and OMS in a fairly thin mix it will dry pretty quick because the OMS off-gasses rapidly.  Use cheap tube paint for this because it has much less oil.
  • If you use acrylics at below freezing temperatures it won't form a proper paint film. If you are diluting it with a lot of water and just using it to tint a canvas it might be ok though.
  • It's important to have 50deg F or more where you first apply the paint. It won't harden properly and may stay tacky and will also suck up some of the paint like gesso does. I would use a large cardboard box or tent heated with a space heater in the garage. Keep the un-stained panels and paint and brushes in the heated area until they are warm then do the staining in the heated area and leave there for 2 days or touch dry then move them into your studio until completely dry. Good luck.
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    Thanks everyone. My concern was the impact on the curing process. From what I have read, oil based stain won’t cure under 32 degrees f and really won’t dry under 50 degrees. Also, I wasn’t keen to letting them dry in the house because I read that OMS, while odorless, is just as unhealthy as turpentine.
    anyway, I got lucky and temperatures got close to 50 and brought all six canvases inside to the basement after a few hours and kept the fan running. Not ideal, but I think I got lucky. I really wonder how people who live in cold climates do this without a heated studio with great ventilation in winter.
  • @Wm_Lake I can talk about how to do it in 50 degree Celsius  :p
  • Kaustav

    Paint dries on the brush.


  • dencal said:

    We drink the koolaid😎 I think an incadecent 100 would heat a cardboard box for curing oil paint, in most cases.
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