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Fi - A Time to Live

edited November 2018 in Post Your Paintings
This is Fi.

I don't know her. She was one of the participants in a television programme called 'A Time to Live' on the BBC last year. All of the 12 people in the programme have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and the programme consisted of interviews with them about their experiences.

I found it deeply moving and affecting. Like a lot of people I lost my Dad to cancer, and my wife lost her Grandma and Aunt to it too.

I have no idea if Fi is still alive.

However, I wanted to do something for her family to thank them for her bravery in appearing on the programme and to show that she touched peoples lives and made a difference to others. Ideally I would like to do paintings of the other 11 people on the programme over the next few years. That's a very big commitment when I have so little painting time, but something I really want to do. The programme explores talking about death and we don't really discuss death and dying in western societies.

As an artist I want to create paintings that make a difference to people, to affect them emotionally.

You can see a clip here:

And you can see the full programme here (no longer on the iPlayer):

I have contacted the BBC about sending them the painting.

Thank you.

 Fi - 12" x 14" Oil on Dibond


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