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Is there a way to move from thread to thread without going up a file level and if not could someone make one?


  • PaulB might be able to answer that one for you, he recently became a moderator. You could message him.

  • No need @MichaelD, I read every post here anyway.  But you're right, messaging me brings things to my attention.

    @mburrell12, there is no "next thread" feature that I'm aware of.  I tend to keep the "View All Discussion" page open, and view the threads in other browser tabs, which I do for exactly the reason you mention.
  • mburrell12, there is also a search feature for a key-word search. but most of us open the forum to the "Recent Discussions" category. If you find an older discussion thread in another category and add a comment, it will move that discussion to the "Recent Discussions" category. The recent discussions are organized chronologically by the last comment date/time not the date the original post was made.
  • I like to scroll through and see what is up and make comments. It would be a helpful feature and speed things up. If the site builder added it. Wetcanvas uses it and if you use google I think they could look up the coding for that feature, it may also be available in the web site tool box used to make this one. I don't know how to do it but have been around those that do. Just a thought.

  • If the site builder added it.
    This is not a hand-built website, it's commercially hosted, professional forum software.  Feature requests are off the table.
  • Most are open to feedback for their updates. I mean it is Thanksgiving weekend they may just put it out on the table B) enjoy your weekend.
  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it. This one of the best organized sites I've been on. There are lots of ways to find what you are looking for.
  • Most are open to feedback for their updates.
    True.  It's open source, so you can be as involved as you want.
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