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Need Help on buying a digital camera

Yesterday my Canon digital camera was old and not even made anymore...any suggestions on what I can replace it with...

Want a camera that takes correct values...too...any help appreciated!


  • Savannah, what is your price range?
  • Check out They sell used equipment from professionals. Should be some good buys there.
  • I have a Canon ESO Rebel T that I bought a couple of years ago and I love it!
    On the old forum we had a lengthy discussion about camara... I think Tam and I were both researching them at the same time... maybe she will chime in. Hope this helps. :D
  • $500 or below...photographer I'm not...and I don't need a lot of "bells & whistles" I'm sure I can find something in this $$ range...mainly just want a camera that takes a great picture in any kind of lighting...
  • Great site for used equipment.
    I got my Canon Rebel EOS through these guys for cheap.
  • Savannah, do you have a scanner? In the meantime, that can work well on smaller works. Of course you have to wait until it is dry.
  • I bought a Canon S100. I think it was around 430.00. It's small for travel and can be set for raw images. It takes fantastic pictures.
  • Kingston what do you mean, it requires world?
  • Thank you all very much...appreciate your help!

    I've written all the camera advise down and now will go online now and read reviews, prices, etc....if I get one tomorrow on Amazon Prime...I get get in a couple not much time lost..

    Sue, I do have a scanner on my printer but haven't used it yet....will the quality of print be as good as a photo?
  • Yes Savannah, I think it is good. I would say take a scan and then when you get your camera, compare.
  • tjstjs -
    edited May 2013
    HI Savannah!
    Like Shirley I bought the Canon Rebel cause it's made for low light situations which is good for me cause of where I live and taking still life setups.

    I bought mine through B&H photo. They don't work on commission. Just tell them your price range and what you need it for and they will tell you what is the best camera to buy.

    Remember Doc from the old forum? His son is a National Geographic photographer. His son told me about them. Really fast delivery too :)

    Here is their number : 1.800.606.6969
    And here is their website :

    They also have used and reconditioned equipment that they back up as well. My camera is great. It's the photographer that is not :))
  • I forgot to add - the camera I intended to buy was a $3,000 Nikon and I wanted the telephoto lens. I think I was looking at around $5,000. After I told the guy at B&H what I was using it for he told me all I needed was the Canon Rebel. Now I did buy a telephoto lens with it so that did add a cost to my purchase but even so he ended up saving me $4,000. So obviously they are not into selling you more than you need :)
  • edited May 2013
    Almost ready to order will be a Canon for sure...because I love the quality of photo I get from them...and love my canon printer as well........

    Thanks TJ for the phone #....will check them out...sounds like a wonderful company to work with...

    Why is it things break when you need them most... ~X(
  • tjstjs -
    edited May 2013
    Savannah said:

    Why is it things break when you need them most... ~X(

    You are so right =(( Keep smiling Savannah. My girlfriend's mother use to have a saying "If it's funny later it should be funny now"

    Sometimes it just ain't funny later either! :((
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