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I’ll show you mine if you show me yours -studio shots



  • SummerSummer -
    edited December 2018
    @julianna ; I see these photos as your next eight paintings with you posing somewhere suitable in them--wearing a bathing suit.  Seeing you in these photos is the only thing missing.  Self portraits.  I bet your husband would love them.  Summer
  • BOB73BOB73 -
    edited December 2018
    If you call that messy and chaotic @Julianna you really are an amateur when it comes to clutter. At least you can get to the four walls, windows and still have a place to stand in front of an easel and a flat place to lay your palette. You can see two mirrors from where you paint so you're way ahead of the game. My rooms have several of your improvised "tripods" stacked horizontal and vertical some 7 feet high. @Kaustav and I have no studio space and the only reason he can paint and I can't is because he obviously must know Yoga.
  • P.S. @Richard_P's "studio" is so clean and neat, it is more sanitary then some surgery suites I've been subjected to although they all had better lighting.
  • @tassieguy ;   Seeing your paintings in a context really sets them off for me. I love them more when I see them on a wall. Did you say you are getting ready for an exhibition of your work?
  • @tassieguy, Dianna's comment reminded me to suggest to you getting some lights like they have at the gallery you show from so you can see in your studio how they will look there. I got the idea from Andrew Tischler who did that but didn't use them while he painted. Mark Carder also mentioned that in one of his early Q&A videos.
  • Good idea, @BOB73
    @Dianna, I took the photos a while back and so some of those paintings are at the gallery, but yes, I am trying to get enough work togerher for a show.  :)
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    edited December 2018
    tassieguy said:
    @Dianna, I took the photos a while back ...
    Good.  I was wondering why you had a roaring fire in the summer.
  • @Richard_P ; - he thought that card was very funny! -  he feels validated.  I've been telling him all artists are messy, it goes with the freedom and creativity but now, I'm busted.  He would like for me to make an effort to be more organized with the goal being that we can once again host guests.  I think that is so very unreasonable  :).  
  • Julianna said:
    He would like for me to make an effort to be more organized with the goal being that we can once again host guests.  I think that is so very unreasonable  :).  
    It's an opening move in a negotiation.  He know it's unreasonable, but he has to open strong, or you'll walk all over him.  Counteroffer with a demand for a quake-proof tassie tin shed in the yard.
  • Julianna said:
    He would like for me to make an effort to be more organized with the goal being that we can once again host guests.  I think that is so very unreasonable  :).  
    That’s just crazy talk
  • Julianna

    Agree to organise some space in the storage locker fo him to keep the out of towners company.

  • BOB73BOB73 -
    edited December 2018
    This thread is marvelous! I love seeing your studio/work set-ups and all the little odds and ends that make it yours (I'm such a voyeur). Each is unique and gives me ideas I can use when I set mine up. No bones about it - there's no way I can work in a space that is neat and tidy or as small as Kaustav's or Richard P's. I have to have at least 12 square feet, preferably 16. If I get 16 I will be able to use an H-frame easel instead of my little box job. I have 2 14X24" glass palettes too. A 7' ceiling and ceiling fan make lighting problematic but I've got ideas that will probably work. Building a tent like Dianna's is something I might do instead of painting the walls and ceiling. That will help with the dust as well as the light. I just hope I don't have to box up my 103 fire trucks and other memorabilia to get my space. Fire-Engine Red is a very dark value and shouldn't cause much glare. Right?  Thanks everyone for sharing your studio with me.
  • Fair's fair Bob.. post some pics!
  • BOB73

    Here is a suggestion. I have often thought a great series for you to paint would be some old fire houses.

    What about a commemorative series of the five or six heritage fire stations in your city?


  • That's exactly what mine looks like. In my dreams. My insurance carrier will make me do away with the brass slide pole. I would love to do that series of old stations. We have two that go back to the 1890s and horse drawn steam fire engines. One of them is a museum and still has the hay loft. One of the most interesting ones burned down in 1972. While they were deep-frying a turkey, they got a fire call and left the heat on the fryer. oops! They had peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches for Thanksgiving instead of turkey.
  • Gee, I wonder who Ronna’s referring to with the ‘really messy’ comment......
  • Well, I do have good qualities as well....   trying to think of them....I'll let y'all know when something comes to mind.  I still can't believe that there aren't some other just as messy artists on this forum.  And I straightened up and cleaned all of my brushes - geez.   :).   @Ronna, your curtains beat all and I love those baskets!  

    The Mr. still thinks the sympathy card was hilarious - he isn't negotiating anything - he has unrealistic expectations if he thinks I am going to organize   pfft!

    This is fun to see the spaces - just waiting for someone else to come forward and take the messy torch award. :)
  • I think you are the winner on DMP for messy studio spaces @Julianna, however on a Google Search of messy studio spaces you might find a few that are actually dangerous--which yours is not.  @BOB73 ; would probably agree.  Hmm.
  • Sorry Julianna, Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon have passed this mortal coil, looks like it’s you
  • Have no fear @Julianna I've got you beat my miles. My daughters both have sworn to disown me if I post a picture of any part of our house but agree I'm the messiest. Yours, Julianna just shows a dedicated artist who is willing to sacrifice a little order and cutesy homemaker status to pursue her talents.
  • @Bancroft414 Glad to see you're still visiting. Are we going to see any more of your cacti?
  • @Boudicca @BOB73 ; I almost posted some photos of my canvas stretcher bars and "work station" located in our garage where I assemble and frame some of my work - you think my "studio" was a mess!!!!!   that part of our garage takes the cake.  There is a good chance I will have to go back to my maiden name if I push that part of our house any further... the limit has long been reached in my canvas assembly frame department.  Even I know when I have to take it back a notch.  Happy painting everyone!!!
  • Well this is my current set up - I love my up and down table, at the touch of a button it can rise and fall as I wish
    i store my paints brushes in the draw 
    I got rid of all the BS lights that I was advised to get, and just use the one 5000k light bulb and a side light to balance the glare.
    my easel is not fully vertical, I just can not paint like that it needs to have a slight tilt, maybe 10degres of vertical 
    plstic cover to keep the dust of my WIP 
    plastic box to keep my pallete in with clove oil rag.
    a fan underneath keeps me cool in the hot Hawaiian nights 
    my brushes that are in use are clipped to the table by magnets and dipped slightly in brush dip between sessions
    Each side of my easel has a metal strip that takes my magnetic bridge
    real small and easy set up for producing amazing works of ,.......

  • I like!  Especially your collection of props.  A very thoughtful and thought-provoking studio.  It will take a while to take it all in.

  •  Nice dedicated space @Forgiveness!  Are there three shadow boxes I see?
  • edited December 2018
    Yes, thank you that is correct, 3 shadow boxes, one is not painted black. And as @ Summer noticed, I do indeed collect props to be used.
  • edited December 2018
    @Forgiveness is that a brush holder I see in the 4th pic on the table just below the legs in the painting ?
    If so is it a makeshift one or bought ?

  • Great dishomogeneous Space, perfect for the working/starving, rebel artist, @Forgiveness. Hey @Julianna take heart! now there are at least two of us ahead of you on the "not-so-neat" list. And we don't even need to worry about earthquakes!
  • Yes that is one of my 2 brush holders, I made them both from ornate household 3"inch baseboard from hardware store. One is white holds 15 brushes, not painted black yet, the other one  is black holds an additional 11 brushes. I also made 2 shadow boxes and painted black.
  • BOB73 said:
    Great dishomogeneous Space, perfect for the working/starving, rebel artist, @Forgiveness. Hey @Julianna take heart! now there are at least two of us ahead of you on the "not-so-neat" list. And we don't even need to worry about earthquakes!
    We haven't seen pictures of your space yet Bob.. ;)
  • Richard_P said:
    BOB73 said:
    Great dishomogeneous Space, perfect for the working/starving, rebel artist, @Forgiveness. Hey @Julianna take heart! now there are at least two of us ahead of you on the "not-so-neat" list. And we don't even need to worry about earthquakes!
    We haven't seen pictures of your space yet Bob.. ;)
    I don’t think ‘space’ is the right word
  • Looks fabulous @Dianna, great effort and impressive result.
  • dencaldencal -
    edited December 2018

    Looks Good!

    3500 lumen not 35000. You just makin these numbers up as you go along, huh?

    So how does the painting and colour look in your new kabba?


  • @dencal ;   So this time you noticed, eh?   What's a kabba?   I'm not sure how the painting and color look yet. I need to quietly sit down and start painting before I can truly appreciate the difference. 

    Incidentally, thank you to everyone who contributed towards my little Black Studio.
  • Dianna

    Give some thought to cross flow ventilation.  If using solvents act now.


  • Thank you Denis.  It's just a minute's work to pin the side flaps up and turn the overhead fan on.  Mind you, there might be so much flapping the whole thing might take off like a bird......
  • edited December 2018
     Just a suggestion that works well for me in my studio, you may want to consider having a small desk top type fan for the cross ventilation, and another larger fan at the entrance of your studio pointing outside as your exhaust fan?
  • @Richard_P I'm too embarrassed. Besides, anyone who sees them will be coming to my door to borrow a basket, hat or wooden bucket for their own still life set-ups. If I used them all myself I would be painting them for the next century. 42 model fire trucks, 37 baskets, 30 or so things of brass, ceramic, wood, wicker or pewter shaped like pineapples; same for things shaped like cacti including 2 cookie jars (sorry biscuit jars); 12 hummels, more David Winter cottages, enough candle sticks to light up the Vatican and all types of antique dinnerware, cookware, winterwear, hardware or HATS.
  • Hi @Forgiveness ;   I am using only DMP paints which have no solvents in them so I'm not expecting fumes to be a problem. Your idea of a small desk top type fan sounds great so I might get one, but I have to be careful because my eyes tend to get dry very quickly and this can be a real problem. @BOB73 ; You might raise quite a lot of money if you put everything on a stall in a market somewhere and sold it.
  • @Forgiveness great space a see something speacial in there,...about the size of an average dinner plate,....
    @Dianna looks like it might get warm in there, but that is the bes5 constructed studio I have that is as close as you could get to marks warehouse tardis 
  • @alsart --    I have not actually worked in there yet - today or tomorrow - but actually I accidently left the lights on yesterday and when I walked in there on my return it was not particularly warm.  The panels down the side can move around in the breeze from the fans or air-conditioner quite a bit, so I'm hopefull that will help to keep the temperature down. But we shall soon see. I will let you know.
  • honestly, I don't know how one can paint still life or even portraits without the proper 5000  lighting. I built the box with the light,  then have a strip light above with 4 of the 5000 k  bulbs.   All using Marks suggestions for setting up everything correctly.   I love it.  Just need more time to paint.  I'm a clutter person, so I have anything and everything all around me.  I love it.  Build the box, i think you'll enjoy it when repairing a still.   tks
  • @greendl as you are a clutter person, if you start running low on clutter let me know, I have an enormous surplus of it.
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