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I’ll show you mine if you show me yours -studio shots

edited November 2018 in Studio & Supplies
I’ve just reorganised my workspace (again) and thought I’d share some photos. I always like seeing other people’s studios too, so feel free to share. 
The pile of sticks is another easel I am about to put together but I’m am procrastinating by posting this thread instead ha ha. 

SummerPaulBJuliannaRichard_PRonnaRich_A[Deleted User]michalisEphramBOB73cadiaDaturaEstherHGTODustin_Cropsboy


  • Well done!  I remember what it looked like 3 years ago.  You've come a long way. 
  • PaulB said:
    That's a serious studio.  Needs more easels.  Is that a kangaroo skull up there?  With your bone-boiling propensities, I'm surprised your dog is willing to risk lying down.
    The dog’s too fat to fit in the pot.....otherwise...... kidding- she’s a gorgeous natured doggo 
    theres a few kangaroo skulls lying around in there, I found them in an uncovered cull pit in the bush several years ago..I’ve got some baby camel bones I picked up on the Great Central Road last year, they were a bit whiffy so they’re  out in the sun bleaching- don’t know if that will work but worth a try.
    Theres a dead cat in my garden- I think it got hit by a car and crawled under a bush( came to the right place) I tried to find the owner to let them know but no luck- if it was someone’s loved pet and they will be wondering what happened to it :'(  So The ants are working away on that one as I didn’t want to do anything to it in case I located the owners. I guess it could have been a feral cat but it looked too well looked after.
    I think I’ve got the studio pretty much how I want it now. The workbench is the latest addition and means I can varnish paintings in there rather than on the kitchen table, and do other tinkering as well.

    I moved all the printing/laminating/camera/computer stuff into my home office so that freed up some space.

  • @PaulB, are you happy with your lighting system? I have a 5000k bulb screwed into a ceiling fitting and I’m not completely happy with it, yours looks much better.

  • @Boudicca, I'm happy with it for painting purposes.  Not for photography, it's too much of a spot, needs to be more diffuse.  There's another lamp on the near side that you can't see.  It helps.

    When I relocate into that corner, I'm mounting the lamps directly on the easel, but with much the same relative location.
  • @PaulB    I can't get past your bone boiling propensity comment -----------seriously, I have tears and my belly is hurting from laughing so much.  That WAS hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!    oh dear...……   hope to clear up soon so I can see the rest of this thread.....   oh my...………    did she tell you about the cat that died in her yard?  It's probably in the boiler as we speak.  lol
  • okay, I calmed down enough to be able to see the rest - I see she mentioned the cat.  I had a dead cat in my yard and I called animal control immediately - it was very disturbing - @Boudicca would have loved it.

    @PaulB are those 5k bulbs?  Your easel is phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S.  there ain't a chance in hell I am taking pictures of my "studio" - I have now taken over 3 rooms upstairs - I can't move around.  I have paintings everywhere.  For some reason, my husband won't let me continue the trend down to the living room and dining room area we never use.  When we ever move, I am in big trouble.  I am no longer able to accommodate out of town guests unless I get a storage unit.  
  • Julianna

    I’m sure the ‘out of towners’ will be very comfortable in a storage locker.


  • Folks, I love seeing your studios here.  My studio rooms - living room and dining room, and parts of two other rooms - are such a mess and so chaotic I can't being myself to show them here.  However, all of you have convinced me that being organized matters and I'm in the midst of mending my ways today and from now on.  If I succeed, I'll post a visual.  How did I let this happen???????  Summer
    PaulB[Deleted User]
  • @CJD, what's the red thing?  Is it art-related?
  • @PaulB the top of your easel reminds me of a guillotine and the fan blades reinforce the idea.

    I have a room waiting to be converted to a studio. It's 14 X 16. My daughters think I love them like Boudicca loves her son (I do) but THEY don't want to leave till they're 60. So my "studio" is still a storage room. BTW they went together on a storage unit. That was back when I cleared about 12 sq ft for an easel and primed some panels in the garage. But since that time they filled the storage unit and the garage and I'm still surrounded by their junk.
  • @PaulB its the cover I use for the palette
  • alsart said:
    @Rich_A - I use black out curtains from Walmart, very cheap and I even left the fold in as it looks kind of cool., but you could iron them out if you wished. - this is the corner of my spare guest room / studio

    Awesome Alan! Thanks.

    PaulB said:
    @Rich_A that's a great space. Plenty of room there.  Also, that's a lot of pizza.
    Haha. An artist can never have too much pizza. Actually they are IDW Artist's Editions that I have collected over the years.
    PaulB[Deleted User]
  • This is so fun. You can almost guess how someone's studio is based on getting to know them in the forum. ...I'm embarrassed...I am SUCH a messy artist. My studio is a mess and is also unfortunately a corner of my BEDROOM. Ahk. Well...we have another house showing fingers crossed they can overlook the flea market vibe I've got going in the master. Lol I'll post pics tomorrow after I clean up the paper towel armageddon. Lol
    PaulB[Deleted User]Summer
  • You guys have such nice clean studio space! I have nothing to show for now. I have to build one at my new flat. My wife was very generous to spare me one room! I need to make some specific arrangements  so that it looks good as a studio as well as a guest room. Only problem is that the smell of turps and oil :pB)
  • @PaulB, Ha ha, well spotted.  I noticed you have them too. Arnt they just fine for the fine detail or when working small.
    By the way thats a cracking easel you have.

  • MichaelD said:
    Arnt they just fine for the fine detail or when working small.
    Yes they are.  Also fashionable attire that screams "don't talk to me", whenever you might need it.
    By the way thats a cracking easel you have.
    Yes sir, I treated myself.  Love it.  Can't lift it, but love it.
  • Cracking sounds like a good term? Not get out the tape and glue? Is that British? 
  • edited November 2018
    @BOB73  It probably is British Bob, and is perhaps the shortened, or lazy, version of-cracking good.  :) 

  • Your Merriam Webster over there has a British accent too.
  • BOB73 said:
    Your Merriam Webster over there has a British accent too.
    "Over there"?  Merriam Webster is a Springfield, Ma company.
  • Yea, I would say its over there from here, but I wouldn't say its over there from over there, when its already over there.  :)
  • His has an accent, mine doesn't.
  • I bet its a cracking one.  :)
  • SummerSummer -
    edited November 2018
    I have you to thank @Boudicca for starting this thread.  My husband suggested that I need for him to build an extra room onto our home.  Wow!  Didn't see that one coming.  A screened painting shed would be nice with a lot of natural air flow.  :)
  • I don't care what anyone says, @MikeDerby, anybody with a portrait of the Duke on their wall is OK in my book. That brush holder must be on steroids.
  • I'm so envious of all your spaces. I can't even imagine mine yet. 
  • A "Cracking" studio from New Zealand  and Andrew Tischler with a terrific DIY ventilation system.

    He also has a good one on setting up lighting (bear in mind he only uses the halogens to see what his painting will look like in a gallery). I don't need the light to tell you what his paintings in the gallery look like. They look like money. It comes up after this one so don't hit the back button.
  • After seeing this Tischler update video, I realize just how small my ego really is--haha.  :)
  • That's terrific that he has the new space and his own gallery. I might even be able to sit still for a 28 hour plane trip for his classes but that's a pipe dream so far. I thought his existing space and the way he described it was as good a primer on setting up a studio as Mark's was.
  • edited November 2018
    This all fantastic! I wish I had photos of how I made my bedroom at 2 years old into an art studio. One of my most favorite painting techniques was doing it on a window where the sun would come through, already very quickly proficient with opaque and transparent and translucent colors and mediums that a 2 year old would have, or make up as I went along, walls were fantastic too. I was a young madman really happy to have made it into this world! and already a born leader in my field without realizing it. LOL! <3
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