W.I.P. - Kerala, India

Hello everyone,
I'm currently working on this composition, which also happens to be my very first.
This scene was clicked in Kerala, which I have modified and there would be a few more elements to it, presently not there.

Initially I wasn't very confident on how it would turn out, but after working on the major element, I feel more at ease. Maybe it wasnt that bad afterall...in fact I'm all proud to have been able to carry it out atleast this much. Though I leave it on and off, to get a fresh perspective.

Let me know what you think.



  • Niharikag

    This is a nice Gauguin style landscape. There is a nice relaxed feel about the composition.

    Well done. Keep up the good work.

    It always helps when providing comments to be able to see the a photo of what you are working from.

    We are all looking forward to Mark's new video on landscape.

    Premix the value stings on the palette. I think you are painting straight from the tube?
    The color intensity seems too strong (for example the intense blue in the sky grabs all the attention), trees need to be lighter on top, rocks need to be darker in the lower shadows. The figure in the boat and on the extreme right needs light and shade detail to match the other two. Some textural detail in the foreground would add interest. You could add a little atmospheric perspective by greying out the detail on the horizon.

  • Well done! :) Denis has offered really good comments. I wanted to add how much I like your brushwork on the boat. :-bd
  • You have a really great landscape in the abstract realism style. I've attached another one from an Indian artist in the same style. I don't know if this is a style that you want to stay with or not, but it is a very popular style and you seem to have a natural talent for it. You have certainly done an excellent job of your painting. The colors are wonderful. The composition is great. I hope you are very proud of it.
  • Very nice first! Very good advice from Denis. I also like the relaxed feel in this painting. As I have been in Kerala, it awakes many memories .... :)
  • tjstjs -
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    I absolutely LOVE the way you painted that boat!!!! Gosh you could just frame that by itself. That is outstanding! When I click on your painting and enlarge it and it fills my screen? The abstracts in the boat are done so wonderfully. Overall the entire composition is great too!

    You also did a great job with the wave and the water near the shoreline. Excellent :-c
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    Wow...after reading the comments I'm like "Really...so I am going in the right direction!!" Thankyou everyone...this painting is still not complete. The guy in the extreme right is not yet done, there are a few more elements I want to add. I was hoping to make the beach look more real than abstract.
    Basically, nothing is complete as of yet, not even the boat, there are few more details to it...but everyone I wish to really thank you all for guiding me and saving me.
    @Dencal - Thankyou for all your suggestions, they are a life saver. Honestly!
    @Gary - thankyou
    @Grandma - I'm too critical with myself, after reading your comments I do feel that I may have been able to do some justice to my work...
    @Myc - its feels nice that I have been able to capture a moment well..
    @TJS - you are right, I didnt pay attention to the fact that the boat in itself is complete. I'm glad it came out so well,, maybe it coz of the music that was playing when I painted it :)
  • Dear All,
    I would love to interact with you all directly, so if there is any blog or website that you all work on, it would be great to know..
  • Hello everyone, here's the latest picture of how this painting has turned out to be. Still W.I.P. - I leave it alone for 2-3 days and come back for a fresh perspective, but its not helping.
    Though, what helped was taking picture of my painting and comparing with original photo. One can see a lot of things which we tend to miss.
    And as I write here, I can see a few things I have to work on (again)...thought my final stroke was over (farrrr from it)...Its an illusion...Gosh!
  • I think it's a wonderful painting as it is. One of the hardest things to do with a painting is knowing when to stop. Overworking can kill a lovely painting. That stopping point isn't a clear point and it will differ for everyone. Instead of looking for what's wrong or different, look at your painting with an eye toward what is good, fun, creative...the positive aspects. When you see something you want to change a simple question that helps me is something like: Will that change significantly add to the painting? Does the change have a specific, meaningful purpose and is not just a change because it's not identical to a picture, a setup, etc. Wishing you continued success! :)
  • Thanks @Gary...maybe I should leave it alone now..hightime!
  • Nice painting Niharikag. I like that boat! =D>
  • Lovely work! The colors are strong, and you feel the movement. I think you did a great job! :-bd
  • Okay here it is...all dolled up!

    And here is a link to my shop at Etsy
  • Niharikag said:

    Hello everyone,
    I'm currently working on this composition, which also happens to be my very first.
    This scene was clicked in Kerala, which I have modified and there would be a few more elements to it, presently not there.

    Stunning! I really love the colors and your style. Beautiful!

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