sketches - going back to basics

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  • Obviously well beyond basics.  I wish I could draw like this.
  • These are accomplished drawings, @Donn. Better than I could do. I think what they told you at art school was wrong. Unless we just want to toss paint at the canvas one does need some drawing skills to be able to paint realism. Even if we trace outlines or use a grid we still have to be able to place paint accurately. Looking at your drawings it's hard to see how your drawing skills would be "letting you down".  :)
  • Often with pencil artists attempting to draw for a painting, they sketch or draw the same as usual adding shadow and highlights. That's not necessary when drawing shapes for a painting. Refer to @Richard_P's latest post in "Richard's Blog" on OCT31. There you can see the kind of line drawing you need for setting up a painting. You could also do just a simple line drawing like a coloring book. Richard adds the shapes of shadows and highlights to the basic outline of the forms like line drawings within line drawings.
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  • Nice drawings.

    I think it does help painting, it is also simply fun on its own.  I think I see something for the first time everytime when I draw it, no matter how many times I have seen it or walked by it before.
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