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Geneva paints + video ?

Hi folks,
So I'm getting nearer to purchasing some Geneva paints for the first time. I was thinking of getting The essential palette with the power bundle. Its not far off the Complete palette set but I'm thinking of not getting that as I tend to mix my own black anyway.
Any thoughts suggestions would be great ?
Also I have tended to watch randomly Mark`s free online videos over past couple of years but have not yet followed things properly.
When I get the paints I intend to buy the How To Paint Realism video and seriously follow the method.
Again any thoughts suggestions and experiences on  this would be great.


  • I would recommend buying the whole paint set and going solvent-free and non-toxic. Might want some brush dip too, it lasts a long time.

    As for the video, it’s not necessary.  Don’t get me wrong though, it’s great.  Think of it as a longer version of his videos, but it doesn’t contain any secrets, more of a long-form reinforcement of the whole process.
  • Thanks @PaulB, but is there much point getting the whole set when it only seems to have the black as extra, (I'm wondering if I will use it) if I were to get the essential and power bundle ? Considering I mix black myself. Did you not also mix your own black when you did Marks course ? (thought I read it in your blog).
    Thanks again maybe I will just go for watching his videos for his tutoring.
    m going to have to make my own brush dip (but I've notice a few posts on here on that) as I live in UK
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    edited October 2018
    Black: while it’s true that you can mix your own black from blue and brown, and adjust it warmer and cooler as you wish, you can also do that with tube black.

    Suppose you don’t buy black.  You’ll need extra brown and blue, because black is the color you’ll likely use the most of.  At least, I do.

    I mixed my own black during the Austin course.  It wasn’t a choice, there was no black paint there.  It worked out well, but I always felt like I got the proportions wrong, and wasn’t achieving the blackest black.  Turns out I was, and it was just the lights were so bright that it looked grey.

    The power colors are great.  But at 100ml per tube, they are basically a lifetime supply.  I’ve had the power colors for over a year, but I’ve barely touched the red, and that phthalo goes an awful long way.  So if you had a cheap little tube of phthalo, it would suffice, and in the quantities you use, it doesn’t really need any medium.
  • SummerSummer -
    edited October 2018
    @MichaelD I agree with @PaulB but I did purchase Mark's long videos.  I watched and transcribed portions because I didn't want to miss out on a thing--haha.  The brush dip is a godsend with the brush holders!  I use two.  Since the whole idea is to save time and money it is wise to develop a painting technique that does not ruin the brushes.  That is pull and drag the bristles while avoiding pushing them against the surface you are painting on.  You are doing a lot of things right already.  Impressed!

  • @PaulB Good points and I am just recalling you also mentioned in your blog about having black there ready to use, so if I'm going to be doing this method I want to do it how I'm supposed to. Sounds like I'm going to need that black. 
    Ive been tending to mix as I go kind of quite hap hazardly, so it will be nice to get some structure when I learn to do the strands.
    Great that they last ages, I was wondering about shelf life of the paints in general.
  • The video might be helpful but you really only need to study the course which is free on the website. The Video you can purchase does not have extra commentary and instruction and is still to fast to follow along in real time. The Set-up is more complex in the purchase version but that's really the main Difference. I think the most beneficial videos are the ones on mixing colors and "Number One Mistake Artists Make" about being subtle. All the videos and Q&As are really good. The basic pallet does not include black, you get the five colors TW. UB, CY, Red and burnt umber. You can bundle in the power colors. Making a glass palette the way Mark describes is a great addition that makes a big difference too.
  • @Summer thats good, I'm all for more time and money  :) Im going to concoct my own dip once I've checked it out as they don't presently ship it to UK.
    Thanks for the brush tips I managed to develop some when doing the tulip heads. The lighter areas (not really seen on photo of my painting here) I held the brush vertical and almost parallel to the panel and brought it down lightly in a kind of shimmy motion, it seemed to do the trick.
    I picked up something to hold my brushes in the kitchen utensils part of a big store. I don't know what it would be used for in a kitchen its basically a metal stand that I can rest the brushes on. It doesn't take as many as Marks one, but it does the job.
  • @PaulB Re "going solvent free and non toxic. 
    It states this about Windsor and newton artist paints I use presently "Winsor & Newton's oil paints have as a binder, a combination of linseed oil and safflower oil, both of which are not only non-toxic"
    I was using some oderless zesty paint dilutant until bought a big bottle of Gambol, so pretty toxic free at present I think. But I'm still getting the Genevas.
  • edited October 2018
    Thank you @BOB73,
    Ive gone from intending to come and do Marks course to realising I've been kidding myself that I could afford to (I would need to double the fee to come from UK and accommodation etc). Its real helpful advice from you all that I  don't need to buy the vid either as its all in the online vids.
    Thats a great thing for Mark to make that available for those who cant do the class.
    I managed to buy a glass palette here that has a neutral grey 
    Its all good :)
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